GeForce Now: How to Create a New Account and How Much Does One Cost?

Although it is true that the impact that the internet has had within society worldwide has been incredible, it has managed to reach from the smallest to the largest, counting on a large audience in terms of use through browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, and also Internet Explorer.

Within the technological world we also have tools and game platforms for people, among them, the best free mobile games and war games, which are in great demand and which have led developers to be more innovative and efficient every day. be able to complement the needs of the employer and its benefit of course.

Gaming platforms has a mostly young audienceTherefore, it should be noted that day after day there are thousands of downloads and visits to online games or downloadable applications, and high-end PC games, for many young people this field of games has helped them in various issues.

As it also has its negative parts, since they can cause addiction and it is a consequence that we do not want, therefore it is good to monitor its use and improve it over time. It’s like this, like today We will tell you about GeForce Now and how this platform works.

GeForce Now, what is it and how does it work?

Notably, GeForce Now is basically a game service or system that belong to the cloud, through this we can play multiple games that are included in remote sites, Google Stadia, Play Station, among others, is also part of it.

nvidia geforce now portal

There is a free version of it and a paid one, the free one obviously does not include any monthly fee or payment, or in this case annual, and offers access for a restricted time. What does not happen with GeForce Now paid, we can use them on any device that is effectively fully compatible, and of course we can access them through our PC or computer with GeForce RTX.

It is pertinent to know that GeForce Now is the brand used by NVIDIA, for its multi-game service, this is a considered multinational company that relies on graphics processing and also integrated circuits, available of course for mobile devices and computers.

Steps to create a GeForce Now account from scratch

To create a GeForce Now account, we must take into account that it is entirely associated with NVIDIA, therefore, to access to create the account, we must do it from any website or application that is compatible with NVIDIA, or also to be the faster and more efficient process we can do it via the official NVIDIA account which is » ».

titles available in geforce now

When entering the web page, we find a main menu, where it offers us the option of » create account » where we must fill out the form indicating, email, name, it also asks us to place a password, our date of birth, of course read and accept the privacy terms of the page, we click on » create account » and once this is done the page will send an email to verify our identity.

We enter our email, look for the received one and click on » verify account », once verified, we must accept a few questions, and ready we will have our account open, then to play we look for the option of » subscribe » and we will fill out the form , currently the price was raised to $ 9.99 per month, therefore it has doubled.

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What to do to manage my Geforce Now account?

To manage all the options related to your account, access your profile at Too the official forum is available For users, look for the «My Account» option at

Is it possible to register in Geforce Now without paying?

Yes it is possible, the Nvidia service closed its beta phase and now users can make their affiliation choosing between two modalities: one free and one premium, with extended functions.

You should know that the free subscription only allows us basic access to your GeForce NOW servers with a limited time of one hour. You can play unlimitedly, but always in sessions of one hour.

How do I sign up for a free GeForce account?

sign up for gforce now

First, users who have already signed up for the GeForce NOW beta now automatically have access to the platform in free mode, using the same login details as those who signed up for the beta.

If you are a new user and you did not register within the beta, then you must download the client from the official page and install it on your system. Then, to access the service you must use the email with which you created your NVIDIA account, or if you prefer, use a Gmail or Facebook account, whichever you prefer.

The installer normally comes programmed to configure the settings that best suit you according to the components of your PC and also your internet connection. You only have to choose the free plan when the installer asks you.

How can I have a Geforce Now Premium account?

The process to install both the premium and free service is exactly the same, the only difference is that when the time comes, you must choose which of the subscriptions you want to purchase, the free or the premium. with a monthly cost of 9.99 Euros.

Advantages and disadvantages of NVIDIA and GeForce Now

advantages of using nvidia

The good news is that when we enter the page we will have a fully qualified connection, since it adapts to the speed of the internet that we have, it is also that it has a great compatibility between it and various platforms of the same range.

It is super simple to install, and users have taken it as the best platform in its branch, and at the have an open account we can use it wherever we are with security and confidence, even thinking about the future, we will have it.

One of the disadvantages is that the payment rate has increased more than expected according to the fans of this platform, but it has not decreased in terms of public, which was expected due to its high quality of content in terms of games.

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Is it possible to change the plan of my Geforce account? – How to do it

If possible, for this you must access the site: Another way to do this is through your account in the GeForce NOW application, go to the Settings section and finally to subscription to GeForce NOW. Once there you can change the type of subscription you have active.

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