Geometry Dash 2.1, what’s new in the next update

When we talk about impossible games we cannot forget Geometry Dash, this original game allows us to jump and fly through a long and dangerous path in which we will have to follow a good rhythm to be able to complete the game. Yes, it is an almost impossible challenge but Geometry Dash is one of those fun games that we find for our mobile.

With a simple touch you can be entertained for hours and hours (well, with a simple touch every time you have to give it) and in the full version you can find new levels, soundtracks, achievements, an online level editor and much more, the truth is that it is worth trying. Now, the truth is that we will have a new update soon and maybe for that alone it is worth waiting for. If you have already played Geometry Dash, you may be interested in knowing what is new in the next Geometry Dash update.

What’s New in Geometry Dash 2.1

At the moment little is known about the new version of Geometry Dash, but it is true that we have some notions of everything that could be included in this new installment of the game. People want their creators to have the new update ready ASAP but since Geometry Dash offers personalized levels for all kinds of players, the possibilities and the fun are guaranteed.

  • A new robot, in theory, would be the spider robot, this robot would climb the walls and allow you to play vertically but at the moment it has not been confirmed.
  • A new level for the game that will be present in high difficulty, that is, we do not know much about it but we know that it will not be easy.
  • More personalization, in this new version it is rumored that the color trails can be customized. The more we identify with our robot the better, the more in harmony we will feel with the game.
  • A new song, maybe it’s from MDK and it’s called FingerBang.
  • It is also known that there will be new daily reward, in version 2.1 each day a level will be chosen and those who manage to finish it will receive a diamond reward.
  • In addition to this there is talk that there could be 4 new orbs, a new creator mode, new monsters, new commands and a new the vault.

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What do you think of all these changes in Geometry Dash 2.1? The truth is that it seems that the new update comes loaded with changes and dedicated to all those players who want to get hooked and for those who already are, don’t leave out of boredom. As soon as the new update comes out here you can download Geometry Dash 2.1.


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