Google Chrome for Playstation 3

It seems crazy but the good relations between Google and Sony could pay off big. The PlayStation 3 already includes an Internet browser, but it is not as compatible as it should be. Google’s browser, Chrome, it is much more flexible and compatible.

It’s not crazy to think that soon we could navigate with Chrome on PS3Apparently Sony is developing webkit support files (the Chrome engine). At the moment they are only rumors but we hope we can enjoy it soon. To this day, with the PS5 almost about to come out, we can confirm that this has not been the case.

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Yes it is true that Linux could be installed on PS3 (although they removed the support) and Chrome could be tested on it but there is no easy method to use Chrome on your PlayStation 3. What there is is a method to change the hard drive for a larger or in good condition. We leave you the video, that many consoles are already old and for two hard drives you can have a new HDD and store many more games than before. We hope you enjoy it, we know that it is something that many people need and some of them do not know that it is so and so easy.


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