Google Earth shows cloud layers in real time

Google Earth is the service of geographic visualization Google 3D.

In the application we can choose between a large multitude of layers with information about traffic, services or places. From this magnificent application we can fly over large cities without leaving home and even locate our own house from the air.

Google Earthe nubes

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Now Google has just launched a new layer, CLOUDS, which incorporates real-time weather information.

This layer integrates images of the cloudiness of each zone and its evolution in real time, being able to see rain or snow by zooming in on the area.

What the new layer does not incorporate is detailed information about temperature, pressure or wind speed (there was already something for that before). Now you can choose between forecasts, temperature radars wave cloudiness.

At the moment it is only available in the US and Europe since they are the regions that suffer the most changes in their meteorology.

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