Google Fiber: Activate, Deactivate and Remove Subtitles

If you have recently purchased a Google Fiber team and you have some doubts about its functions or you are a little newbie and do not know how to use it. You’ve probably wondered how can I turn the subtitles on, off or off? This is a really easy thing to do and will only take a few minutes to complete.

Streaming services They have become very famous over time, which is why it has become a great millionaire business. For this reason, companies like Google could not be left out. This is the reason for the launch of Google Fiber, a platform that needs high-speed internet. It is common to see it installed in homes that have fiber optics.

What is Google Fiber?

Google Fiber is a device designed by Google, capable of connecting to the internet to provide a faithful service of multimedia content. With it you can access all kinds of series or movies. In addition to having one of the best internet signal receivers, which makes it one of the most efficient on the market.

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To make this project possible thousands of dollars had to be invested in symmetrical fiber, a variant of conventional fiber optics. Since it seeks to make a network throughout the United States, so that everyone can access this technology.

Although it is a relatively recent product, since it was launched for the first time in 2014. It has been widely accepted by users, who in just one year exceeded one hundred and thirty thousand viewers.

Although it is not something strictly necessaryYou should know that for the optimal functioning of the device, they should not be using or saturating the network. So here the same options are valid when optimizing a WIFI network.

What are closed captions on Fiber TV?

Basically the so-called closed captions They are a text as a version of an audio that we are listening to, usually appear on our TV screen, sometimes they can become annoying, since they tend to distract the user, therefore, many people decide to remove them permanently.

Turn captions on and off on Google Fiber.

To check the current status of the subtitles, we will have to do using the Google Fiber remote control, which controls the device directly, if we look, there is a special button for the information of what we are seeing.

This can be useful for, among other things, moving certain settings when viewing our content. Here we are only interested in the subtitles section, if we look we will only have to move with the cursor to where it appears and We can both activate and deactivate them.

This is done either with the arrow keys or clicking the middle button of the mouse and marking on enable or disable respectively. In this way you can have control over which series you want to watch with subtitles and which ones not.

activate google fiber optional subtitles

Prolonged use of these devices causes visual fatigue in many people, so it is necessary to take certain measures when using it. Something very similar to when we talk about PC or Smartphone.

Are they available in all programs?

Mostly, all programs offer subtitles as an optionHowever, there are some that do not fulfill this function, at the time they can become useful in many ways, if what we want is to read while we carry out our activities in Google Fiber, then the best thing would be to have this excellent innovative strategy activated.

How to select a closed caption channel?

  • First of all, we must enter ‘settings’.
  • Then, we enter ‘customize the format of the closed caption channels’.
  • Once there, we select the ones we want, and it will be done.

What can you offer me regarding other streaming services?

Google Fiber offers you a service much more complete than other systems. So you will have a combination of several factors, which will make your experience one of the best.

The service is divided into plans, on the one hand if you choose only the internet plan, you will have the possibility to use a speed close to 100mb per second real. So the service is very, very fast, apart you will have TV included and you can enjoy everything that this represents.

disable or remove subtitles from google fiber

Too You have the option to choose a TV-only plan, which as its name indicates, will only supply you with a television signal. With this plan you will not be able to have internet access as in the previous one.

The TV service has a variant destined to the recording of series or content. This will include a storage close to two thousand megabytes. Additionally you will have the possibility to upload half of this storage to the Google Drive service.

Finally you will have the most expensive plan but it is also worth it. This is the Hardware one, with this a series of equipment is included to use them with this service. These include a tablet, a Tv Box, a Chromebook may also be included and even a utility to surf the internet, you should know that some equipment is optional.

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