Google Maps offline with GmapCatcher

Google maps, Google’s free service that contains the maps on the web is a good solution to explore the maps of any part of the world. But … you have to be online to have them, why not have Google Maps saved on your PC?

Google Earth allows you to download some, although I did not know much about the truth, but thanks to GmapCatcher you will solve all your problems easily.

GmapCatcher is a fully free and cross-platform, compatible with Windows, Linux Y Mac.


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The software works on online mode Y offline. Using it is simple, first we sail for the maps that we are interested in saving in the mode on-lineKeep in mind that the more ground you travel, the more space it will occupy on your hard drive.

When you get to the desired place, you must press the button Download, the program will give you the option to configure the amount of zoom that you want to store, in this way you can use the zoom while offline. The program does not take a simple screenshot, but compiles perfectly all the information that contain the maps so that you can navigate as if you were connected.

When using the software the areas that are not stored will be marked in gray. Don’t be scared by the space, in about 5 megabytes you can save a city like Montevideo (Uruguai) for later viewing. You can save anyway of the map, the political one, the satellite mode.

This tool is very complete, you can use other map services, delete the zones you stored and you can even set up a GPS pressing the Settings button.

More information on its official website

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