Guide: How to choose my new TV?

In just under a month, the Christmas purchase will be a concern for many and it is always one of the best opportunities to change our old television. The offer that we can contemplate today in this field is brutal and choose tv adequate is complicated for many and for this reason we will show you a small guide to help you make the right choice for you and for your pocket.

LED, LCD or Plasma?

This is the first question we ask ourselves. LCDs have a better price but for the difference an LED TV is worth it. If the diagonal of the screen exceeds 40 inches, the plasma TV could be the best option in terms of price.

  • If you are a CINEMA lover perhaps you are interested in a plasma TV because of its characteristics (the myths of plasma TVs are part of the past).
  • if you want one multipurpose TV to watch DTT, connect the PC, the console, etc. maybe you should go to an LED TV.

What size do I choose?

If you have space limitations, take out the meter and start measuring, otherwise, the bigger the better. In the event that the viewing distance exceeds two and a half meters, it is advisable to choose a TV of at least 37 inches.

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In the store, depending on the context, the TV may seem large or small, but focus on looking at the diagonal. If your living room is very small you could lower the size but if you are looking for an entertainment TV don’t go below 32 inches.


3D televisions are not launched effectively because of the lack of content. Any high-end television includes 3D as standard but it is not a priority today, if you have a tight pocket do not hesitate to do without it.

In any case, 3D TVs have advantages such as a high refresh rate and a better image processor (very useful when you want to view Full HD content smoothly).

Smart TV?

These services are useful but still have a lot to improve, if you are not going to have your TV connected to the Internet or you do not have a decent connection at home, avoid this (you will save a fortune).

if you like to see lost chapters of your series on the Internet and you have the possibility of getting a television of this type, do not hesitate.


Look carefully at the inputs available on your TV. Do not buy anything with less than 3 HDMI ports (if you are going to connect something more than a console, if possible, it should come with a USB port to play movies (LG’s options in this field work like a charm) and finally a connection to Ehternet if you need Smart TV (WiFi will perform pretty poorly compared to cable) As for buying a cable (do not spend more than 15 euros on one, no matter how expensive it is, you will not notice anything in a domestic TV).

The latest is not always the best, models are renewed every so often and a model from last year could have the same features as a new model at a much lower price.

In addition to the quality of the image, it is worth evaluating:

  • A good remote.
  • The distribution of the connectors.
  • The sound quality.
  • An intuitive menu system.

try the tv

If you can and are going to spend a considerable sum of money, take a flash drive with some documentary or action movie in Full-HD that demands enough from the TV to really know what it can offer you. In the store they always use animated films because they don’t demand much from televisions, try something demanding that gives you the necessary action to know what you are buying.

In addition to all this, look at the brand of TV you are buying. Some brands have very high prices like LOEWE (which you should stay away from if you don’t want the most exclusive). Try not to buy a TV from an unknown brand because the duration will be less than expected (it could be good for you, but experience tells me that it is not usually the case).

brands like Samsung (on mid-range models), LG (on high-end models) enjoy fantastic prices. Try not to be given a pig in a poke, find out a little about the technologies that TVs use to buy them since any seller could easily “cheat” you if you are not up to date in this field. If you have seen something strange in the store and want to comment on it before spending the money, I will I will solve the doubt enchanted in the shortest possible time.


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