Guide to give Online Classes by Video Call

Given the global problems and the quarantine decreed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, different social sectors had to carry out a forced stoppage due to the increase in infections in all countries. This has been presented as a measure to regulate the cases of infected and ensure that these numbers do not increase and manage to decrease taking the necessary actions.

Due to these mandatory approaches For the benefit of society, many jobs simply had to stop for obvious reasons, the same is the case of colleges, schools, high schools and universities, which due to the number of people who are concentrated in these institutions in one way or another end up being a focus contagion. In and of themselves, they were one of the first sectors to stop.

This left many students unable to pursue their careers or courses for several months, at least until the proper academic institutions found a way to propose a different rhythm of education and evaluation in the face of these difficult times that the entire planet is going through. This is how virtual or online classes began to be presented in order to maintain student follow-up.

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Advantages of online classes

Online classes and virtual classrooms have tried to provide an experience almost similar to that of a normal classroom in which face-to-face classes could be seen as much as possible for all students, despite the fact that most people dislike having virtual classes. Online classes they really have a number of positives.

One of them is the great flexibility with class schedules, since being online, students can view classes from anywhere in the world, which means that not everyone will have the same schedule. In addition to that they will be able to have an access much easier to the internet to be able to investigate and obtain the information necessary.

Another positive factor of online classes is that you will no longer have so many limitations when you want to study in an institute or university career in another country, because in order to study and learn you will need essential requirements such as an access to an internet connection, and a good device in which you can see these classes.

How to teach by video call

Despite these enormous problems that we are going through, the vast majority of academic institutions opt for the development and execution of virtual classes with the aim that the students who are studying do not waste time and can continue with their studies from home with total normality, care and safety.

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For this to be done correctly We have to mention that there are various platforms and applications that can serve as tools for all those teachers who wish to teach their classes online or by video call. These apps manage to be of great help and end up being an instrument of vital importance to be able to capture the monitoring of the academic year.

Another plus point One of these innovative and interesting options is that they are present in various web browsers, platforms and operating systems, therefore, there will not be any kind of problem or inconvenience in the event that a student or teacher cannot connect to these classes since these applications are present for all mobile devices and computers.

In this article we will show you a personalized list of the best platforms and apps that you can use to teach your respective classes online, we will also tell you from where you can access these or where to download them, so stay with us and find out about all related details, information and data with the best platforms and applications for online classes.

In order for you to carry out a virtual class in an orderly and professional manner, you will have to take into account certain parameters and recommendations that we will show you below:


Before giving a class, or sharing any information through virtual classes, the most important thing is have a good planning where you can create a structure about all the content that you are going to give, so that you can give it during the specific time that the course or class that you will give will last and in turn also so that you can have an organization that helps to understand the persons.


Try to create an eye-catching presentation that can catch the attention of all the people who decide to be part of your virtual classes, and so that in turn can become familiar with the topic and content you are going to share with them. This is because in various cases there are classes that tend to be boring or even confusing in principle, which makes the student lose interest and do not fully understand the content.

Virtual tests

Another resource that is found and can be done in online classes are virtual tests, or online exams. Forget about having to print a large number of questionnaire sheets, since now you can create virtual tests through various online pages, and you can share it through the Gmail platform or using the Google Classroom educational platform.

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What is needed to teach virtual classes

To be able to teach online classes you must have certain equipment so that you can have more fluid and comfortable classes, below we will show you some things you should have before giving virtual classes:

Peaceful place

You must have a suitable site to be able to take classes, that is, a place in your house where there is not so much noise, or where you can have total privacy, in various cases some teachers tend to have very young children or live near sites that are under construction, so when teaching classes it is usually uncomfortable for both him and the students.


Before starting to give the class showing a graph or a blackboard it is recommended that you check that the light is good enough how to illuminate what you want to show, and so the people who are watching your class can see and fully understand all the content you are explaining.


In some cases in virtual classes it usually happens that there are problems with the microphone, either because it cannot be heard or because annoying noises are emitted, which causes annoyance and discomfort with the people who are watching the class. So we recommend that before you start broadcasting the class online first do a mic check and make sure there is no interference and problem.

Internet speed

And finally verify that you internet connection is stable enough and good to be able to have a fluent conversation with the people who see your virtual class. On many occasions due to poor internet connection, virtual classes tend to have problems and begin to choke, which causes the subject to be unclear and there is no fluent explanation.

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What are the best platforms to teach online

Today there are various media and platforms that offer you the ease of giving virtual classes, all due to the great demand for this service due to pandemic issues, so if you want to share information through online classes you can choose between a large number of programs.

If you are a college or high school teacher You should know that the best you can become is to take into account the best options and tools when you want to teach your respective classes online and much more if you want to take classes by video call, since these types of activities take much more time and effort.

Therefore, below we show you some interesting options in platforms and applications that lately have been widely used and recommended by different academic institutions, teachers and students when developing and teaching online classes.


The Skype platform was previously one of the most used to be able to make conferences or video calls groups among friends, but over time various applications such as WhatsApp were implementing this option. However, now with the beginning of virtual classes, most people have resumed the use of this platform and even use it as a means to give virtual classes.


Whereby is a videoconferencing platform that you can use without having to download an application, but you can use it by entering directly from your browser, what makes this platform stand out is the ease with which you can start your video calls, just one click will suffice. And voila, you can start giving your class online.

YouTube live

The most popular video platform in the world is not far behind, YouTube developed the function of transmitting live a long time ago, however until now it has been used as a means to be able to give virtual classes. The good thing about this platform is that anyone can make videos without much problem, and in addition to that, said videos can be viewed by anyone.


Zoom is a platform fully focused on video calls with which we can make all kinds of video chat rooms in which we will have the ability to add a large number of users. From here we will be able to talk with other people and we will also have the possibility to participate in the development of the classes through the different options offered by the platform.

classes homework

Google Meet

It’s about a sophisticated video chat and video call service which presents all kinds of options and tools when you want to enter and develop a virtual class, but it is simpler than zoom. Google Meet is available for download and by web browser.

Google Classroom

Putting video calls aside a bit, this app works to be able to impart all kinds of material, evaluations and classes to your respective students through a fairly simple system and a very interesting and practical interface for all users, in order to provide an experience almost similar to that of a classroom normal.

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Finally, we can access Classroom from a browser or simply download its official application on our mobile device or pc, to start teaching or send information.

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