Guide to turn off or deactivate the WiFi of a Smart TV

When we use a Smart TV it is essential that we have Internet connection or wi-fi to make use of the functions of our smart TV. Either for the use of social networks or streaming platforms as well as for other functions and services offered by our Smart TV.

But what happens when this same Internet connection it affects other functions of the Smart TV or constantly enters a constant update loop that could be considered a failure directly of the TV connection or of the software itself.

And for our solution you must go to disconnect or deactivate the wi-fi connection on our television. This in the hope that the failure will stop or simply because it is slowing down other devices in our environment. I already know the Smartphone or Laptop.

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Normally the options or interface of the Smart TV they are not so different from each other. They always have the same options and controls or buttons that can help us configure or use a special button to activate a function that we need.

How to delete Wi-Fi network from Smart TV

It usually happens that we connect to a Wi-Fi network that is not the usual one we always use. But at the moment of wanting to stop using it. It should also be deleted from the registry of connected networks that our Smart TV keeps. This is done so that we do not get confused about the network.

The first thing we must do is take the remote control and press the settings button on our remote, this will allow us to see a menu where we will select ‘All settings’. Then we go to the ‘Network’ option where we will see the connected networks. When we find the network we want to delete, we just have to click on it and disconnect at the top. When you reconnect it, you will see that it asks for your credentials to access it, a small ‘x’ also appears next to the network, which you can press.

How to turn off the Wifi of the Smart TV

There are variants depending on the version of our TV, in general, the other trademarks take the Samsung interface as a reference. Since they were the first to manufacture software for old televisions and in this way make them Smart TV.

people setting up tv

Taking the above into account, it would be normal first to verify what type of connection the television has, whether it is wired or not. For this we check the back of the television where all the external inputs of our television are located.

  • Hold your television remote control in your hand and look in the central buttons of the control for a button containing the word menu once the button is located, proceed to press it.
  • Once the button is pressed, you will be able to see on your television that a options panel internal to our Smart TV this interface contains several functions.
  • Check the options panel and you will see a set of options such as video, audio, image, cable among others, followed by this we look for the one that titled networks and connections or just network.
  • We press the option of networks and it will give us a series of options in the panel, we select the wireless connection which in this case would be our WI-FI.
  • Will give us the option to check network status, and disconnection from the network, it can also appear to us as forgetting the network, or turning off connections.

Once pressed, we exit the interface and proceed to turn off the Smart TV and turn it on again in this way we make sure that the previous configuration will be saved in the television system.

Once our Smart TV is disconnected from the WI-FI wireless connection, we must make sure that our TV saved the previously modified configuration. For this we go to the menu of our Smart TV that is to say the main screen where the applications are located, that if you have problems installing these apps, you can do it via USB.

We can select any application, preferably a streaming one, which are usually the ones that use this type of connection the most. Once the app is selected, it will take time to load, since the TV will begin to search for the internet connection.

A large pop-up window will appear telling us that our Smart TV is not connected to a network. And a button will appear that will take us directly to the network options panel to reconfigure our WI-FI connection.

  • Another way to prevent WI-FI from staying connected When using our television it is simply when we go to configure the WI-FI network so that it connects to our Smart TV, it is not to save the network on our Smart TV platform.
  • This is done in a very simple way which is simply un-frame the remember password button, in this way the network is used until the moment the television is turned off, it can be checked by turning it off and then turning it on again after a few seconds.
  • You will notice that it will not be connected to WI-FI because I do not save the network and the only way to connect again would be manually through the options panel.

Disable Wifi connectivity on any router

The most necessary thing is to access it, we will only have to access it from any device connected to the internet. First open your device’s browser and enter the URL address bar to enter the IP address that has been configured. Then they will ask us for the username and their respective password, which is usually ‘admin and’ 1234 ‘but this may vary. When doing so we will be in the router settings, there we go to the sidebar where its settings will appear, in this we must look for one of these options: Wireless or WLAN.

set up TV

This will direct us to the option of Wireless Network Setup, which correspond to the wireless connection settings of the same.
In this section it is necessary to look for a button that mentions the following options: Enable Wireless LAN, Enable WiFi or Enable Wireless. When accessing you see that it is checked, it is because the router is active, then you will have to uncheck the box to disable the operation of the wireless connection.

Why should we disable Wifi

Today users prefer use the Wifi for the convenience it gives us when browsing the internet, but it is best to deactivate it when we stop using it and reactivate it at any time of need. There are several factors by which the importance of disabling Wi-Fi is reflected.


One of the most important factors is safety, since there are various external factors that can affect us. If we don’t have a configuration that I isolated the clients; various threats can occur. How to intercept communications from devices on the network in order to steal personal information, likewise an intruder can use our network connection and thus reduce the available bandwidth


Another factor to point out is the storms, at the moment in which a storm falls on our home, a power surge, which affects our device. In itself, when our devices are active at the time of the storm, an overload of voltage can reach them, causing the circuits or cables to be overwhelmed.

Why is the Wi-Fi disconnected from the Smart TV?

This is a common mistake that can occur at the time of watch a movie and suddenly the error appears or it fails to load correctly, this type of problem usually normalizes when turning off and on the Smart TV, but this error may be repeated due to various factors.

Poor signal

It should be mentioned that this error usually occurs due to the poor signal, this happens when we have the router very far from our Smart TV causing it to receive very little signal being a bad connection


This can reach present interference by other signals at the time of reaching the television. If many wireless devices are used in your home, the performance of the network to the TV may be affected. It is best to have these devices away from the TV and if you want to turn them off.

Frequency band adjustment

It is necessary to verify the frequency band of the router, in these you can find available frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. It is always best to opt for the last option if you see that it is found.

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