Have two Facebook Accounts with my Same Number and Mail

The Use of the social network It has become overcrowded in our days to the point that it is almost a requirement to be part of this world. So many have arisen in this area.

The social network most used worldwide is Facebook. Well, its gigantic number of active users make it the titan of social networks. This is due to its numerous functions and tools that make Facebook a platform for different purposes.click facebook social network

One of them is sell items through Marketplace. Similarly, it is possible to upload 3D photos and 360 ° videos. Also, Facebook videos can be monetized.

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That is why here we are going to explain how to have two accounts of Facebook with the same email, phone number or name. Keep reading and get all the information.

Why is it not possible to have two accounts with the same number?

Maybe at the time of needing open a Facebook accountLet’s think about skipping the step of opening an email account. Well, to verify our identity, we must enter a phone number or an email.

Now yeah we try to open a Facebook account With an email that has been registered in another Facebook account before, in the registration form, the process will not allow us to continue. This is because Facebook allows only one registration with one email account.

Then, if we proceed to try to fill out the registration form with a phone number that has already been registered in another account, Facebook will not will allow us to continue with the registration process. Well, in the same way as in the previous case, the phone number registered in each Facebook account must be unique.

Finally, if we complete our Facebook registration with a username that has been used previously, the system will allow us to register successfully. This is because there are no limits to using the same username on this social network.

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Facebook strengthened identity verification

As you can see, it is not possible to have two accounts on Facebook with the same email or the same phone number. But the opposite happens when it comes to the name, because with this if it can if there can be duplication.

Facebook has decreased fake accounts and profiles

These measures have been taken thanks to the fact that there are many users trying to create fake accounts, posing as other people to get personal data, or get involved with foreign information from other profiles.

Is it possible to register on Facebook with a fake name?

In the early days of Facebook, the social network had an engine of rather poor search, as only one person could be found by means of their username. This is how users started using more ‘original’ names. This way there would be fewer search matches and it would be easier to find your profiles.

However, over time this changed, as Facebook searches began to take into account the personal information of the account to find ‘better results’. So if we looked for any name, we would find results of people with this name in our city or university, even among our social group.

Thus there was no longer a need to create false names in order to be found. At the same time that this was happening, Facebook strengthened its identity verification, allowing the user a single name change. In addition, false names could no longer be used, because in some cases, Facebook requests a document that identifies your identity.

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All this in order to decrease fake accounts and profiles of this social network. So people returned to using their real names while searches continue to improve to be more precise. To the point that when we search for a person by name, Facebook shows exactly who you are looking for despite there being more users with the same name.

How can I open a new account?

To start creating a new Facebook account, all we have to do is choose where we want to do it, that is, by the application directly or by the browser of our preference, after having chosen where we will do the whole process we will go to continue the steps to get our new account:

  1. You must fill in the data that Facebook requests, names, surnames, number or email.
  2. Add the email or the number with which you want create account.
  3. Write the password of your preference.
  4. Add your date of birth and choose your gender.
  5. Subsequently, click on ( Create Account ).
  6. Confirm your number or email, this is depending on what you have chosen for create account.
  7. Finally, Facebook will recommend a list of friends that you could add, continue and enjoy being officially on Facebook.

How to open two different accounts at the same time?

Many times it happens that we need to open two Facebook accounts on the same PC or mobile device at the same time, finding the way is not difficult at all, since we can get it by opening an incognito tab in the same browser that we are using or optional, we can do it in the same browser window although we would have to view tools and extensions from third parties.

Although to make everything a little less tedious and long we can use another option that is easier and also very efficient like the following:

This option is highly recommended and what you can use the browsers of your preference to there add the accounts you need, that is, you can have an account in Google Chrome and another in Firefox, or one in Safari and another in Chrome, depending on what you think is best.

Register an already registered phone number in Facebook Messenger

This extension of the application of the social network Facebook, works in a similar way to this one. Well, even though you can open two messenger accounts on the same phone, when creating them, we will not be able to use the same number phone number than another registered person, you cannot use an email that has been registered.

This in order to promote creation of real profiles within the platform. This applies to both the Messenger Lite platform and its full version. And in the same way, in its desktop version.

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What applications can I download to open two different Facebook?

To find the application that best suits the need of open two different accounts On the same device today we design a list that can help you select what you are looking for.

Facebook life

This option is known for opening two accounts in the same App but its function is quite uncomfortable at times since we will have to leave one account to enter the otherThe good thing is that the time in which it does it is quite fast because once the account we want to add is opened, we will only have to click it and it will send us immediately.

Faster for Facebook Lite

With Faster for Facebook Lite you can link two accounts quickly and you can also receive notifications from the two accounts and we will also handle them at the same time without any problem.


Like the other Apps, this one offers us exactly the same, perhaps it is a little heavier than the other two options but really its function is still that of get two different Facebook accounts.

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