How and Where to Buy Turkey Cards in Fortnite

Fortnite is a video game created in 2017 available for almost any platform. You can use it on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Android, ¡OS, Microsoft Windows and on Mac OS. Since it is found Within everyone’s reach It has become very popular over the years. And if you have your app out of date you can update Fortnite on PC, PS4, Switch, Android, iOS and Xbox easily

This is a online shooting game also known as shooter, in the third person. This means that you can see your character as he moves. This one has two game modes: Save the world or Battle Royal.

Save the world is about an open world that cane played alone or online with friends and it is cooperative. To be able to play with friends, you must first learn to find and add friends in Fortnite to play with them. It consists of fighting against enemies controlled by artificial intelligence and these are known as Husks.

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To play it, the user can do it in team mode with three other players. It is also possible with a group of bots, but if you want to have the full experience in solo mode you can also do it.

Battle royale is he most used game mode and preferred by most of these players, in part, because it is free. It is a competitive mode in which the player is part of a team of 4 people trying to survive. You can play it with friends or with four random people.

They must face 96 other players who will be parachuted to the island where they will have to defend your strengths and keep them safe. They will also have to complete missions and eliminate enemies in order to be the only survivor and thus win the game.

fortnite players on grass with background construction

What are V-Bucks in Fortnite?

The V-Bucks or V-Bucks They are the currency that is used in Fortnite and is used to make any type of purchase of cosmetic objects within the game. You can get them in the PlayStation Store, in the Microsoft Store or even in the own Fortnite.

With the V-Bucks you can purchase appearances for your characters, weapon camos, hang gliders, dance steps, and the Fortine Battle Pass. This battle pass is used to level up fast in Fortnite and unlock other items and awards.

Knowing what turkeys are and what they are for, it remains to answer how can you get them depending on the console or device you use to play it. Here we will explain how.

Many of the character costumes, styles, and power-ups are purchased within the game with money earned from winning missions and fighting in the arena. But also you can do it with real money although the game itself is obtained for free. However you can also give Skins to a friend or another person in Fortnite

In reality, the success of Fortnite is related to its dynamism, simplicity and intensity. And although there are similar games, Fortnite beats them in speed and in the continuous or frequent confrontations that are, which makes it more interesting.

Now, if you have already used Fortnite you may wonder what are turkeys and how you can get them. In this article you will learn how to do it.

illustration of turkey coins in fortnite blue background

How to buy Fortnite turkeys from different devices

For get the turkey you will have to pay for them. And as mentioned above, Fortnite is available for various platforms and the methods are different. Next you will learn the payment method of each one.

Buy turkeys in Fortnite PS4

They can be purchased from the PlayStation Store or directly from the game, in any case we only have to select the package that interests us the most, we can pay with the payment methods accepted by the PS Store such as credit, debit, PayPal and prepaid card. It is important to note that in the PS Store the price shown It does not include regional taxes.

Fortnite Xbox One

In Xbox the procedure is quite similar to PlayStation, we can buy the coins from the Microsoft Store or from the game, to the payment methods the Microsoft Rewards balance is added and point out that in this case taxes if they are included at the price shown.

Fortnite Nintendo Switch

In Nintendo Switch we have two small differences, the first is that the purchase is made only from the eShop, if we do it from the game we will be redirected, also in this case it is not possible to make the payment with PayPal, but we can pay with prepaid, credit and debit cards.

Fortnite on Android and iOS

On mobile devices We do not have the option to buy directly from the application store of our device since purchases are made from the game, so we must enter the game and there we will see the different packages of turkeys and we will select the one we need. The form of payment will be whichever one accepts PlayStore or AppStore.

buy turkeys in fortnite

Is it possible to buy Fortnite V-Bucks without a card? – How to do it?

Short answer, yes! In some countries, such as Mexico, they are available prepaid cards and sometimes in addition to the coins they include exclusive outfits, we just have to go to a convenience store that has the cards in stock and we can pay with cash.

How to get Fortnite turkey codes in my email

Although acquiring the coins from the game is the best option, sometimes we can find them at a lower price on some websites, they will send us a redeemable code of the platform on which we play directly to our email. Once received, it is only necessary to redeem it directly in the game to receive the coins.

Can a Fortnite turkey card be used on multiple devices at the same time?

The first thing to note is that prepaid cards they are for 1 use only and they can only be redeemed on the platform where they belong (Xbox, PlayStation, etc.). However, the balance of the cards can be used between the platforms with 2 exceptions, PlayStation and Nintendo.

That is, if our balance of V-Bucks is 1000 on PC, on mobile it will also be 1000, on Xbox it will also be 1000 but on PlayStation or Nintendo it will be zero. This also applies vice versa, if we have a balance on PlayStation it will not be reflected on other platforms.

enjoying game in fortnite

What to do if my paVo balance is incorrect?

On the platforms where it is activated, it is best to contact the developer Epic Games, in case it is not enabled or does not succeed with them, the best thing will be contact store support Enter where we get the coins, be it PlayStation, Nintendo or Microsoft.

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