How Can I Become a Ghost in Minecraft Easily? (Example)

Many times we think about how to make our experience in Minecraft a little more fun, so we explain how to become a ghost in Minecraft. A fairly simple method that can give you a lot of fun, you just need to have some elements and that’s it, you can scare whoever you want.

How to become a ghost in Minecraft?

Among the simple ways to become a ghost is the possibility of consuming a potion that allows you to make yourself invisible. To do this, you must craft it, the recipe is based on adding a fermenting spider’s eye, to a potion, of night vision. By taking this potion your character will be invisible for at least two minutes, you can place items on top such as clothing or weapons.

In this way your character will be seen only by that element that will not be invisible, you can scare many with a head or a weapon that “fleet”. There is another method that can be quite interesting, when you are playing, you can use the command “/ Godmode” this allows you to play without losing life.

Although it does not make you a ghost, it is as if you are, almost nothing can harm you in this game mode, for example, you will be able to walk in lava and be under water without oxygen. As much as many have tried, there is no way to turn your character into a ghost like the ones in the game itself, it is until now, impossible.

What is a ghost in Minecraft?

In Minecraft there are practically two creatures that respond to this name, the phantom or phantom and the ghast, both creatures are dangerous for the players.

gray phantom

The second option to be a ghost, in which we discussed the “/ Godmode” It’s the one that can make you feel like a Ghast in a way. This creature can pass in the lava and not die, although if it can catch fire, it is advisable not to get too close to them.

On the other hand, a completely different creature are the Ghosts or Phantoms, which are creatures of the night and are considered raptors. These can kill a character in a matter of minutes and are very difficult to fight against.

Why would we like to be a ghost in Minecraft?

Although it may not seem like it, Minecraft can get to the point of generating immense curiosities, therefore, it will always be fun to have a new trick. Becoming a ghost can be great to scare some friends or give an interesting touch to our game, it can even avoid attacks.

That is why the possibility of being a ghost becomes so fun and acclaimed and that is who would like to scare their friends while having a little fun. In Minecraft there are many things that could be discovered in a ghost mode, play without risk of losing life, find the depth of the lakes and many more.

The only annoying thing about playing with some methods or ghost mods, is that these usually generate that some portals cannot be accessed, such as the End or the Nether.

happy ghost

Being a problem during the game, but this does not take away the excitement of playing without burning or in some cases, of manage to discover items of great interest.

Although there is no specific way to become a ghost in Minecraft. The methods that we have explained can be of great help to you to have fun for a while.

Remember that each method has its risks, don’t play carelessly, because some things can hurt you, even when you are invisible. Finally, we hope that this article will be of great help to you, try our methods and delve into some mysteries of Minecraft. Have lots of fun with this spectacular game.

In Minecraft you can be whatever you want and create anything you can think of. From domesticating animals such as pigs, dogs, cats or taming something as incredible and rare as a dragon. Whatever pet you have, you should know that you can put whatever name you want.

If you play from your PC you may find the problem that the game stops working or becomes slower, if this is your case we recommend you increase the RAM to Minecraft so that it works better.

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