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When we speak of Partner, we refer to the relationship that exists between two companies to obtain a mutual benefit; usually one of them acts as product or service provider and the other is the one that markets them. This is the case of Glovo and the Partners, in which the latter offer products from a store through the Glovo application.

If you don’t know it yet, you might ask yourself, what is Glovo? What does it offer you and how does Globo work? And going even deeper, you will want to know how much money can be made in Glovo? How much does a Glovo dealer earn? The truth is that there are businesses with which Glovo has agreements for delivery.

So, if I have a restaurant, how much does Glovo charge to restaurants? How do I put my restaurant on Glovo? That will depend on whether your business meets Glovo’s requirements, when you register on its official website.

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It must be taken into account that customers will not pay directly at the store or restaurant; since the products are collect and deliver the Glovers to the place you have indicated. This gave rise to three different ways of placing an order: by «Transportation», «or Whatever» and order by «Partner».

Currently, this application has considerably increased the sale of food products, pharmacy services, hygiene, among others. Which is why there are more people willing to learn how to use the Glovo App; not to mention that it is currently has doubled the number of new partners.

How does the Glovo company benefit from new partners?

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Due to the quarantine of the pandemic, restaurants and gastronomic establishments have been at a disadvantage, being the most viable options the «Delivery», also the «Take away» or take away food, as well as the «ghost kitchens».

The latter refer to kitchen spaces that are dedicated just to prepare dishes for delivery; This model started in London some time ago and more and more clients are joining both in Spain and Italy.

By 2019, Glovo opened its first ghost kitchen in Argentina and is currently entering more partners, since it has the great advantage of not having to invest initial capital, since the basic equipment has it through delivery.

It also does not need dispatchers because in Glovo through the Glovers, it performs this activity, in addition the restaurant places the products and cooks, and the expense is shared between both; As we can see, ghost kitchens are a good solution for delivery.

How do partners benefit from joining the Glovo network?

  • It has several benefits, including of course, higher earnings especially in critical moments.
  • Acquisition of a new clientele outside the restautant.
  • The name or trademark will be known and recognized anywhere in the country.
  • You will give yourself to know as the best chef, being able to expose all the knowledge and dishes that you did not dare to show before.
  • As for the payment of the products or services sold, it will not bring you any problem, since it is Glovo who will take care of this processing, which will later send you.

How can I become a Glovo partner? – Very easy

delivery sponsored by glovo

  • The partner who wants to work together with the Glovo company, the first thing to do is, a registration, where you will place your personal data, through the following link:
  • Next, you must fill in the form where you must enter all the information corresponding to your business, such as, name, E-mail. telephone, type of business, city, postal code, among others.
  • Submit the form and wait for the answer.

Subsequently, all businesses go through certain evaluations where they determine whether or not they are suitable to work as a partner with Glovo; if it is accepted, an executive will contact said establishment, to complete certain additional information and start the negotiation.

Therefore we can conclude that the option of acting as a partner with Glovo brings important benefits for both sidesAbove all to give it the impetus our entrepreneurship needs in these difficult times our planet is going through or in any other type of crisis that may arise.

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