How Can I Change My Badoo Profile Location From Mobile To Get Nearby Matches

An existing and very frequent problem among users who decide to create an account on the dating social network known as Badoo, is the fact of wanting change the location shown in the profile and not knowing how.

When you want to create an account on Badoo, you need to fill out a series of personal surveys, regarding the name, age and location of the user.

All this to be able provide your crucial information to external users who want to meet you, and also allows the application to adapt the search system so that people who are close to your location appear so that you can start chatting and flirting on Badoo,

Why does this problem occur?

It is common for the problem of enter wrong location, according to several users, for some reason they register a wrong geographical location that they regret in the end.

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Another reason why you want to change the location is due to a recent move from the current location, to another area, or to another country, which in the platform does not update automaticallyInstead, it maintains the old location that was registered when the account was created.

If any of these problems have happened to you, and you want to change the old location to a current one, don’t worry you are in the right place, then we will explain how to change your location on your Badoo profile

How can I change my location on the Badoo profile to get close matches?

The problem is very common and the solution is very simple, below we will leave you a series of steps to follow so that you can change your location in your Badoo profile.

As a first step you will have to search the app, opening it on your phone, or looking for the official Badoo website using your computer.

You will need to enter your email or phone number and password for your account, or if you made one account with Facebook, enter your Facebook data to access your Badoo account.

Then you will have to go to your profile page, for this you simply left click on the upper left bar where your username is located, or select by pressing the option with your finger if you are using a phone.

When you are on your profile page you will have to find the section that says Location, which you will find at the bottom of the page.

When you are in location you will simply have to change the old address for the current one, either with the help of the GPS from Google maps or by writing it manually, and selecting the country, and city in which you are currently, after that, you must select the save option.

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What should I do if Badoo doesn’t give me the option to change the location?

In case the application does not give you the option to edit location It may be due to the following reasons:

  • You are using the website and the application at the same time, and your location is being modified automatically by the GPS of your smartphoneIf so, close the application on your phone, or close the website of your computer, to be able to configure it from a single device.
  • The location services of your browser they are not working properly, which does not allow the application to find your location, if so, simply disable the location services of your browser, and select your current location manually.

And ready! Congratulations, you will be able to have the Badoo location configured so that you can start finding people who are close to your location, or else, it will help you to locate yourself somewhere else to be able to meet people from the selected location, and thus be able to make new friends, or find a partner from elsewhere.

You can enter the following link if you want to know how to add or add contacts on Badoo, We hope this article has helped you.

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