How can I change or modify my voice in a Skype Video Call? (Example)

If you are willing to do a mischief and surprise a friend with whom you have scheduled, in a few minutes, a meeting via SkypeIn this section we will show you how you can change or modify my voice in a video call through this platform.

From now on the encounters with your loved ones: family, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, through video calls don’t have to be routine, lacking in attractiveness or in the midst of a lot of seriousness as you have been until now. Skype is an application that allows you to stay in contact by free phone calls, video calls and chat.

From this moment you can add a touch of humor and mischief, while surprising those loved ones, using various voices such as Donald Duck, Dark Vader, Pluto or the voice of a robot, in the video calls you make on the platform Skype

Before starting your prank make sure the person you want to cheat is active on the call or video call.

How to modify my voice in a video call?

On the internet you get many applications that allow you to change tones and voice timbre at will. There are the most varied and from highest to lowest quality. We will show you some specific softwares for Skype.

The first option we offer you is “Skype Voice Changer”. It is about Extremely versatile apps that alters the voice in real time. That is, it does not require pre-recording. It is a very fun tool and most importantly you can download it for free from the net.

It is a very easy to download App, and once installed in Skype, its use is extremely simple. Tea also allows you to add special effects to your consideration. This is a versatile software that allows you to modify my voice in a video call in real time.

Another application that serves as a complement to Skype is Audacity, this program allows you to record calls, video calls and save chat conversations.


Fake Voice-Free Voice Changer

Other app exportable for Skype that allows modifying the voice is “Fake Voice-Free Voice Changer”. It is an App that is also freely accessible on the Web whose features allow you to transform your voice in real time during video calls.

It has multiple options and levels for changing the tone of voice, higher or lower speed in the voice, and incorporates its own virtual microphone. Is compatible with Windows.

Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer It is another of the software that we highly recommend here, since it has advanced features to modify my voice in a video call on the Skype platform.

This App is considered among the best, since it has superlative characteristics in terms of options for altering voice tones that provide the user with a fun experience.

Voxal Voice Changer has a wide range of preset voices: announcer, spongebob, the simpsons, as well as a modulator that allows distorting the voice to the level that the user wishes.

Master Your Voice Skype

Other highly recommended software to download on the Master Your Voice Skype. This voice modifier is specially designed to run in video calls via Skype.

If you want put on a particular show and show off with your friends, family or loved ones, this software is ideal for the wide menu of possibilities for voice alteration that it offers. It is free to access and is available for the Windows operating system.


MorphVox Pro Voice Changer to modify your voice

MorphVox Pro Voice Changer It can be cataloged, without fear of a doubt, as one of the best programs for modification and alteration of voice that exist in the market for Skype. However, its main drawback is that it is not downloadable for free.

It works almost like a console to equalize sound, offering an unlimited range of options for transform voice in real time. It also allows you to make voice recordings to use them in an edited way in your video calls. This program is also compatible with other chat platforms.

In conclusion, we show you various programs to modify voice in a video call and make your real-time Skype experience a lot of fun. In this way you can surprise and have fun with your loved ones. Until next time.

The uses that can be given to Skype are many, and you might even be interested to know that thanks to Skype you can also create your own home video surveillance system.

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