How Can I Customize the Android TV Screensaver | Step by step guide

When we listen to Android TV, there is a tendency to assume that it is a highly malleable platform and of high quality, indeed it is of high quality, but the malleable is not so. Android TV does not present all the versatility of other interfaces, where it is customized to taste and whim. However, you can customize the Android TV screensaver

If it is believed that for edit on Android TV, it will be as easy as updating the Smart TV software. We must make some clarifications that shed light on this issue. It is true that Android is very versatile, and it can even change the wallpaper according to the weather, but the founding concept of Android TV makes it different and special.

The process of customizing a screensaver on an Android TV is only set up a video or image. It appears next to the date displayed on the TV or in the weather section. Its function is to appear when the TV is not playing anything.

Activating and configuring the screen saver of the Android mobile is very simple and it can be thought that it is the same procedure with the Android TV, but this is not the case. As Android is so malleable that you can even create your own theme for your mobile phone, everyone believes that Android TV will be the same, and they try edit interface, but wrongly.

Luckily there are screensaver for Android TV, and we will explain how you can download and install a screensaver for Android TV.

Procedure to download and install a screensaver on Android TV

Android TV is already going to bring a screensaver included in its interface, but it is possible edit and customize the display the TV, using a screensaver other than the factory one. Remember that the minimalist concept used by Android TV restricts the versatility used in other spaces, such as mobile phones.

However, this concept of elegance is possible adapt it to more personal tastes, using a screensaver, which can be downloaded and installed on Android TV. Let’s see how to do it.

There are specialized applications on this topic, and two are mostly recommended, “Dreamy” and “YoWindow”, which offer great variety and image quality for screensavers. Its download proceeds in the same way as if it were a traditional Android application.

Entering the Play Store, we copy on behalf of the screensaver application which is preferred. In the search space, identified with a “magnifying glass”.

When viewing the application icon, click on “install” which starts the automatic download and installation process. Once the screensaver for Android TV is installed, we proceed with the internal configuration to make it effective.

configuration menu on an android tv screen

How to configure the screensaver of an Android TV

To start the configuration to customize the Android TV screensaver, you must make sure that your TV isI am connected to the Wi-Fi network. In the same way, you can support yourself with the phone to carry out the procedure and for this you need the Google Home application. Then you just have to follow the steps indicated on the screen.

To customize the Android TV screensaver, you need make graph use that uses Android TV is the one that has just been downloaded, that is, the screensaver, which is achieved by making it default within the internal settings, as follows.

At upper right segment of the screen, you can see an icon in the shape of a “gear”, we enter it to start the configuration.

An options menu will be displayed, it immediately goes to the one called “device preferences”. In the options shown, you must enter the call as “Screen saver”.

Within this, you will see the option with the same name “screen saver”, or failing that, “screensaver”. There you must mark the screensaver that has just been downloaded and installed. Once chosen, the visibility details and viewing time, which are left to the personal judgment of the user. Once the act is finished, it only remains to enjoy the result.

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After you have saved your changes, you will see a new screensaver every time the TV is not playing anything. That is, chen the TV is resting or we are not using it.

android tv tv shows menu on its screen on desktop

Best Apps to get free wallpapers for Android TV

exist many applications where you can download wallpapers to later customize the Android TV screensaver. Among these applications, stand out Kartun Wallpaper specialize in cartoon images, the app wallpapers for cartoons that has all the drawings you can imagine.

Similarly, one of the best is Walpy- Wallpaper which downloads images from the Unplash page. Another application is Kawai-Wallpaper that focuses on wallpapers with cute images.
However, there are many factors that you should consider when downloading images or downloading one of these apps.

The main thing is that the images or wallpapers, tcheat a free status and no commission has to be paid. In the same way, it is intended that it offers a large number of images so that there is variety when choosing.

Finally, it is always necessary to make sure that the images look good and are not pixelated, that is, they have a high quality resolution. In addition, another factor that influences these cases is the weight of the image and its format.

Walli – HD Wallpapers & Screensavers

This application has images that are property of this brand, that is, has exclusivity on your products. Similarly, Walli offers many tools for editing the wallpapers you download.

This application gives the possibility to choose not only a fund, but the ones you want so that these funds move automatically on the TV screen. Therefore, every time the TV does not play anything, the screensaver will be different if you activate this option.

Darkops: AMOLED Wallpapers

The Darkops application is focused on creating wallpapers, images and dark screensaver. These backgrounds hardly have light color tints in order to save the battery in devices that have AMOLED screens. This app has its images categorically divided according to their function, their color states and other sections.

Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei Live Wallpaper is a great application as it has many functions. One of them is that the personalized screensavers for your Andriod Tv can be removed from the gallery of your phone. This application displays a great variety of photos and images of paintings or sculptures from the best museums.

These famous works can also be improved on focus of light or distortion with special application tools. In the same way, with this app you can put several rotating and interactive screensavers for the TV.

customize android tv screensaver

Minimalist Wallpaper

This application offers more than two thousand minimalist backgrounds distributed in various sections and categories. Minimalist Wallpaper it is not totally free since there are certain images and funds that require a payment prior to use. However, most of the images are public and can even be edited from the platform.

Is it possible to change the Android TV Wallpaper?

As we have just seen, it is possible to download and install a screensaver for Android TV, which represents an edition to its interface, therefore the question arises whether it is possible to do the same process for the Wallpaper, and thus customize even more the Android TV interface.

The minimalist concept of Android TV makes its internal settings programmed to reveal an elegant and refined vision, which the user takes as part of the experience of enjoy the advantages of Android TV.

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The Wallpaper, in this case, is of a dynamic concept, therefore its vision will correspond to the elements in use, whether of application or content, so it will vary as space is changed, which makes it a dynamic element. . And therefore automatic modification.

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