How Can I Download a Receipt or Proof of Payment from my Fone Seiem Portal

For the future of a country the most important thing is the students and teachers. However, education in Latin America (teachers especially), has always been valued very little, based on this, Mexico created strategies for your comfort. That is why today’s appointment is to know how to download a receipt or proof of payment from my Fone Seiem portal.

Since without educators there is no future, it was logical to create sections so that they could carry out their procedures comfortably, not only in these tough times, but for the rest of their lives. Because a happy teacher will give his students the maximum of his knowledge so that they in turn reach their maximum potential.

What is Seiem and how do I access your portal?

Before going into detail on how download a receipt or proof of payment from my portal Fone Seiem, first you have to know what this body is and how a person can register on its portal.

Seiem is a government entity whose acronym means: Integrated Educational Services to the State of Mexico. This is a public entity where both students and teachers receive programs that will serve for educational development.

Its objective is to provide Mexican students with knowledge in all areas, science, mathematics, among others, so that they have a better future with a better quality of life. He has also been in charge of create said portal to provide facilities to teachers, such as being able to carry out procedures that would otherwise be annoying, from there.

It is another of the country’s government institutions, such as the Workers’ Social Security and Services Institute, as well as offering other kinds of facilities to the population, such as ISSSTE loans and all the types of personal loans that it guarantees.

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Portal registration

In order to download a receipt or proof of payment from my Fone Seiem portal, you must first register, for that it is necessary to go to the official Seiem page, here a box will appear as soon as you enter, where You have to enter the CURP and the password.

Check the internet connection speed to avoid inconveniences when registering.

Obviously you already have the CURP, but the access key does not, so what you have to do is click on the option that appears below the box called “I don’t have a password”, this will allow you to enter just by putting your CURP and then giving it “Continue”.

If everything went well, now you should be in front of a form, where you must put your first and last name, the RFC (the latter is optional) and finally the password that you will use to enter there from now on. Once all the data has been entered, click “Create password” and so you can enter the website.

How do I download a receipt or proof of payment from my Fone Seiem portal?

Now if you came to, the first thing you should do is log in with the CURP and the previously generated access key. Then you must go to the section called “Payroll”Which is identified as a small blue box and is located at the top left of the page. When you select this option, a drop-down will appear with more categories, choose the one that is named “Proof of payment”.

Once you have entered this section, your last three receipts of payments received will appear, if you select each one individually, you will be able to view them online, or download them.

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The best thing if you are one of those who keeps exact accounts all the time, is to download it and save it to computer or also print it. With this everything is ready.

Now download a receipt or proof of payment of my Fone Seiem portal is not a mystery. You can better organize your finances from the comfort of your home (the best thing is that it only takes 5 minutes once you have created the password).

If you are a teacher, this is what you needed, so do not stay behind and update yourself, so that you never have to go through headaches looking for your payment receipts.

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