How Can I Fix Error 0x8024402F in Windows 10? – Very Easy (Example)

Windows on a great operating system and everyone agrees on that (after all on it you can even enable HDR video playback), but not because it is the best it lacks flaws, and just for one of those errors is today’s tutorial, so you can learn how to solve the error 0x8024402F in Windows 10.

And, the most annoying thing about Windows in terms of errors is that gives you the name or code of the same, but never the solution, making you look for guides to solve the problem.

Before continuing, it is recommended that you buy the original license from the Store, because having a pirated Windows can affect the result of the solutions you will see.

How to fix error 0x8024402F in Windows 10?

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To get straight to the point and learn as soon as possible how to solve the problem. error 0x8024402F In Windows 10, the first thing you have to take into consideration is that there are many solutions for this annoying bug, what it does is not let you update Window 10.

The number one solution given by the window company is to check or uninstall the antivirus software you have installed, because this is what may be throwing you the error when you try to update your Windows.

To do that, you must open your antivirus and disable any restrictive features you have against Windows. In the event that this does not solve the error, then you will have to remove the antivirus completely.

The problem solver!

If with the above you did not manage to resolve the error, then the next step to follow is to download the Windows troubleshooter from the Store. When you have it you have to open it by double clicking it, and press the button to scan the PC.

option cmd windows 10

If all goes well, the solver should find and fix the fault that is throwing the error automatically, the same program will inform you when it is finished and if it achieves something.

Uninstall a problematic update

With the above, you may have already been able to solve the error 0x8024402F in Windows 10, but if it was not like that, then you have to keep trying solutions. The following is one of those recommended by Windows, and it would be uninstall the latest update, which may be corrupted.

To achieve this you have to press the Windows + I key combination, that will open the configuration application, there select the option «Update and security», this action will let you enter a section where you must select «See the history of installed updates» .

Once inside this section you will see two options, choose the one called «Uninstall updates», this will make you show a list of updates, uninstall the one causing problems by clicking on it (it should be the last one).

Disable the block imposed by a router

Another process that you can try to solve the error 0x8024402F in Windows 10 is to disable the blocking of Activex controls imposed by your router.

To end this, first go to the page of your router. Once in it, look in its settings for the Activex blocking or filtering and disable it, so everything should be fixed and the problem disappear from your life forever.

error warning windows 10

And voila, with that you know the best ways to eliminate the failure, so you have nothing else to do here. Remember before you go, that in order to better deal with Windows 10 problems, you have to study most of them, so it doesn’t hurt to look for other guides so you can learn, for example, how to fix error code 651 connecting to Internet.

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