How Can I Fix Windows Update Error 12029 (Example)

«Windows Error 12029”, This is one of the unpleasant messages that we usually see on the computer. We will briefly explain the possible causes of this warning and how to fix Windows update error 12029.

Although in this operating system it is common to see errors such as the fearsome blue screen appear, there are always ways to solve it. It’s not the end of the world so don’t worry. It is good to consider what are the possible causes to prevent our computer from crashing.

Possible causes of error in windows

  • When investigating this error, many sites point out that the problem may be due to the fact that we do not have protection against Trojans, malware and viruses.
  • When trying to activate an antivirus.
  • When installing or using an application Office, because a file got corrupted.
  • Connect to a website.
  • When it conflicts with a newly installed software driver.
  • The Windows firewall it does not give access to the network.
  • The previous installation was not removed successfully. Having clear the causes, we will now proceed to Fix Windows error 12029.

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Options to fix Windows error 12029

  • Connect to another web page using the same application or browser where it was reflected to you error 12029. If you manage to access successfully using the same program, it indicates that the server was not available at that time. Generally, such servers sometimes go down when the number of connection attempts overflows at the same time.
  • Verifying that there are no problems in the TCP / IP addresses. To do this, follow these instructions: Click Start, then run and you write «cmd». When the command window appears, type: «ipconfig / all». And a list of connections comes out. Check that each IP address, DHCP, and DNS server have the assigned values ​​that comply with the format: 123.456.7.8 or similar. If this is true, the error does not come from the IP address.
  • Check that the Firewall is not preventing the connection to the web server. We check it by clicking on Start, then on the Control Panel and clicking on Windows Firewall. Touch the Exceptions tab, when going down the list look for the name of the software that you used and that caused the error 12029. Select the box to add the program. And ready.
  • You can run a full scan of the entire drive for viruses or malicious programs and activate the registry cleaner application to fix any possible corrupted files. When you finish with some of these options, do not forget to restart your computer to observe its behavior with the new changes.

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Windows error code 12029-4

If the problem that is presented to you is directly related to applications of Microsoft Office, we offer you these options to solve it:

  • Fix the office app. It can be fixed when the Office Repair Tool replaces corrupted system files. To correct this error, follow these steps: Go to «start» and open the «control panel». Click on «Programs» and click «Programs and Features.» Then click on the office product you want to repair. Click on «change». Lastly, choose «quick fix». If the application «Quick Repair» does not solve it, then choose «online repair» and click on «repair».
  • If the error continues, uninstall office. Go to «start» and open the «control panel». Click on «programs» and then on «programs and features». Click on uninstall program and select Office Suite by clicking on remove.
  • Download and install office again. Access the official website or insert the CD with the program to install. Choose to install. When the message «You are ready to start» appears, we recommend clicking on all done.

We have endeavored to collect possible solutions for repair windows error code 12029. If you still receive the error message, we suggest that you contact support for further assistance.

We hope that you will be successful in using these tools and that we will be able to help other users who are in these conditions. If you want to tell us about another successful alternative to solve this problem, you can leave your comment.

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