How can I free up space on the hard disk of my Windows PC?

Computers tend to fail over the years. Because of this preventive maintenance of computers is essential often, this will prevent future damage.

Some people do not take that into consideration and therefore wait until their equipment is completely inoperative before doing any type of maintenance. However, this causes the cost of fixing the computer to be higher and even the problem has no solution.

Therefore, it should be noted that normally, for some hardware maintenance it is necessary to do it a technician specialized in it, but other software type we can do it ourselves like the hard drive release.

What is my computer’s hard drive?


Sometimes, it is necessary to know what the elements of a computer are, since with this information we can most likely understand more how it works, and in turn improve speed and team performance. Therefore, it is necessary to know among its elements that it is the hard disk.

The hard disk is in very basic words the space where all the information that a computer can generate is stored. Among which we can mention programs, operating system, files, music, documents of all kinds, and basically everything that occupies a space.

When the hard drive begins to fail, the computer will automatically throw an error after a few seconds in the power-up process. This is because without it, we will not be able to load the initial interface, and therefore we will not be able to do practically anything with the computer.

What is the hard disk for in a computer?

The hard disk has multiple functions for the computer, the first is to be the operating system carrier. That is, all the algorithms and programming code which allow us to see and use the computer in the way we are so used to.

In addition to this, it is store all files that we download from the internet or that we import from removable memory. Without it it would be impossible to play any video or music that we have previously downloaded from the internet, since there would be no available space to save it.

Is it necessary to free up space on my hard drive?

Yes to the hard disk of the equipment no maintenance has been done previously, it is very likely that you will not be able to get the most out of the speed of the same. This is because when the disk is saturated with information and is almost or completely full.

It becomes much more complicated for the same process the commands that the user emits, since it is already forced and with the new command we are giving much more load to which it can bear. In short, there will be a high probability that slow the system.

How can I free up hard disk space on my Windows PC?

Local disk properties

There are different methods by which hard disk space can be freed up on a computer. The first and easiest is to do it through the program itself that is predetermined in the operating system.

To access the first one we must enter “team” From the start interface, later, we left click on the hard disk icon (in case there are two, we select the one with the most memory). And then, we click on properties, where we will already have the option of freeing up space in view.

The second method is to use a external program from Internet. In this case, it is advisable to download “Ccleaner”, which is one of the best programs according to user opinions for the internal maintenance of the computer, it has an efficient unusable memory cleaner on the hard disk.

Either method is efficient, the important thing is that the user really makes cleaning the hard drive a priority. Since if it is not done, the equipment will most likely be saturated with unnecessary information and will not operate correctly.

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