How Can I Improve the Security and Privacy of the Firefox Browser? (Example)

In order for us to surf the internet, we need the so-called browsers to have a more enjoyable experience. Now, if in your case, you use the Firefox browser, did you know that you can improve its security and privacy? You can even make a full backup of your Mozilla Firefox profile.

That’s right, with a few simple tips that we will give you below, you can achieve this. So stay and enjoy the theme: How can I improve the security and privacy of the Firefox browser?

One way to increase the level of security and privacy in the Firefox browser is from within it. That is, configuring it to make your browsing experience safer. Also for greater security, you can block a website in the browser, and thus prevent your children from entering unwanted pages.

A great threat to security and privacy when browsing the Internet is fingerprinting. This is one tracking technique widely used today, with which they can detect from the information of your operating system to the information of the browser.

They can also detect information sent from your computer to the pages you visit, the time zone where you are, among others.

Although it is scary to fall into the clutches of this tracking technique, you are not helpless. From the Firefox browser you can activate a special configuration that will protect you from this type of cyber-attack. To activate this configuration, you must go in the browser to Settings> Privacy and Security.

Once inside this section, in the Enhanced Tracking Protection window you will find the options available to take anti-tracing measures.

protect web firefox

You will have 3 different options. The first, or Standard, which consists of a perfect balance between protection and performance where the pages you see will not be affected. On the other hand, there is the second option, or mode Strict, with which you can have a more complete security and privacy. With this mode you protect yourself from:

  • Social trackers
  • Cross-site tracking cookies
  • Tracking content in all windows
  • Cryptometers
  • Fingerprinters

Of course, all this with a price not necessarily monetary. Well, activating this mode can cause some websites fail or do not load properly.

One last option is the way Personalized, with which you can choose according to your preferences. You can manage both cookies and other similar matters. Even if you find it necessary, you can clear the cache and cookies from the browsing history of a Firefox Quantum page.

Improve Firefox security and privacy with extensions

Extensions are a good idea to increase the security and privacy of the Firefox browser, and they are generally free. For that reason, it is important to know which are the best add-ons and extensions for Mozilla Firefox.

As far as extensions are concerned, one of the most recommended is NoScript, which will prevent the passage of script of various types and also prevents other different attacks from being executed. Another highly recommended is Keefox, which will manage your passwords so you don’t have too easy passwords.

Another great option is BetterPrivacy, which is responsible for eliminating Flash cookies that can often make your personal data vulnerable. There is also Web of Trust which will help you determine if a website is secure or not, all based on real opinions from other users.

To avoid being tracked, this Disconnect, so your personal data will not be revealed to pages that want to track you. If you want a more advanced option there is uMatrix, which is special for advanced users. With this extension you can control every aspect related to the connections established with the browser, downloads and more.

security in firefox browser

With Bloody Vikings! You can create temporary emails that you can place on the pages you visit and request this requirement. This way you will avoid the theft of information, spam and the tracking that the pages can do through an email.

If your problem is the cookies that are not deleted, choose the extension Self-Destructing Cookies, with which you can “save” or “destroy” cookies whenever you want.

In conclusion, now you know that you can increase security and privacy in the Firefox browser in two ways: from the browser itself or with extensions. Whichever way you choose, the important thing is that you will have peace of mind with all your personal data protected.

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