How Can I Install Android Apps on My Chromebook?

Today we are going to see how can I install Android apps on my Chromebook in a very simple and fast way. From the same Play Store we will be able to download all the apps and games that we want.

Chrome OS is Google’s operating system which is quite versatile and has a large number of features. Actually, you don’t need to have a Chromebook to install it either, as there is a way to install Chrome OS on any computer.

In this way we can test all the benefits of this interesting operating system without having to buy a Chromebook or at least try it before doing so. And one of the great advantages that Chrome OS has is precisely access to the Play Store.

The android store which has millions of apps, games, books, TV shows, movies, etc. All available on your Chrome OS. The only thing to keep in mind is that, in the case of apps and games, some are not compatible with some Chromebooks, so some apps may not be able to be downloaded.

Luckily, the vast majority do not present any kind of problem when wanting to install them in the SO of Google and to be able to enjoy them with all the comforts that a Chromebook can offer you, especially when compared to a mobile phone.

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Update to the latest version of Chrome OS

The first thing you should do is verify that your version of Chrome OS is updated to the latest version.

  • You will simply have to go to the lower right corner and enter the “Setting”.
  • Then in the left panel you can choose “About Chrome OS”.
  • Here you will have to choose “Search for updates”.

In case there are updates, you will have to download them. This process is automatic so all you have to do is wait. It may take a while, everything will depend on the speed of your internet connection.

Install Android apps on Chromebook

Now what you should do is log in in the Play Store, for this you have to follow these steps:

  • In the lower right part of the screen, where the time is located, you will have to choose “Setting”Is the gear icon.
  • Then go to “Google Play Store“Found next to”Download apps and games from Google Play to your Chromebook“Here you will have to choose”Activate”.
  • You should bear in mind that, depending on your Chromebook, this option may not appear. In that case, it does not support Android applications.
  • In the new window that appears you will have to click on “More”.
  • You will have to accept the terms of service, to do so press “To accept”.

download chromebook app

Download Android apps on Chromebook

In case you want to download the applications that you have on your Android devices, you will have to do it one by one. This is because some of them are not compatible with some Chromebooks. Those that are not compatible, you will not be able to download them in any way.

  • To install applications open the Google Play Store.
  • Search content through categories or with the search engine.
  • Once you find what you want to download, click on the app icon.
  • Then you will have to press on “Install”.
  • You have to accept certain permissions to proceed, once you do it will automatically download and install on your Chromebook.

All the applications and games that you download on your device can be found in the list of its applications like any other that you already have installed. The process is quite automatic so it is not complicated at all.

As you can see, it is too simple a process and once completed. All you have to do to to install apps and games is to enter the Play Store.

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