How can I know if my TV is Smart TV – How does a Smart TV work?

When purchasing a television it is important to know if it has the features and functions enjoyed by a modern television, Smart TV or Smart tv It is a television that has extra functions to those offered by a conventional television, it can be to offer streaming services such as Netflix or WI-FI. For this you must configure or add the wireless network of your computer.

How do I know if my TV is SMART TV?

When buying a television, there are very simple ways to know if it is a Smart TV or a conventional television, taking into account things such as the year of release, model and brand of our television, also look at the remote control of our television since these usually come with special buttons to activate certain functions.

  • When we turn it on our television can start with a logo Smart tv, indicating that it is indeed a smart TV.
  • The remote control has buttons colors with letters and symbols indicating special functions.
  • The remote control has buttons with streaming service logos.
  • When entering the TV menu it gives us network options.

These would be the simplest methods of knowing if our television is a Smart TV, because televisions that lack these details and features, both in terms of software and aesthetics, are normally conventional televisions or no special internet connection functions.

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How does a Smart TV work?

A Smart TV has certain peculiarities and services that can improve the experience When resting or watching a family movie or series, these special features may vary depending on the model of the TV and the version of its software.

  • The main thing is be connected to a wireless or wired internet networkThus, most applications and services work.
  • You can access and create social media accounts and you can also install and use a set of applications on your television.
  • It is accessed through the control menu that normally differs by being a striking button or larger than the others.
  • Some of these TVs ask for a login depending on your platform, if so, register and log in to be able to use the functions of the TV.

Smart TVs are easy to use they are quite comfortable and pleasing to the eye so that the user does not feel uncomfortable or saturated with information that often happens using other electronic devices such as Smartphones, thus ensuring that the user does not feel frustrated or lost when using them.

Smart TVs combine and optimize functions and services of other platforms making it possible for you to listen to music, watch movies and even read the news on a single device with just a couple of movements, many of these electronic devices are useful for tired people who want to be in bed multitasking.

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Its popularization at the beginning of the last decade is due to the fact that these have functions that both a PC and a video game console can have when referring to Internet network access facilitiesIn addition, with streaming applications that come with the TV that still improve the experience of using it.

Keep in mind that not all SMART TVs work and offer services in the same way, this may vary both by the model of the TV as well as the brand of the TV, since the recommended thing is read device instructions or contact the brand of your television in order to know in depth how it works.

You should be aware that many of the functions of your Smart TV are due to the activation of special buttons In the remote control, this because if the remote control is generic or not the original, it can affect the accessibility to the applications of our TV.

It is important to emphasize that the vast majority of the Smart TV’s functionality is due to its internet connection, if you do not have an internet connection, the services and applications that come in the Smart TV will give errors and they will not open or work so that you will only be able to have access to the basic functions of television, which do not require an internet connection in any way.

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