How Can I Make a Return on eBay and Get My Money Back?

Can I make a return on Ebay? How can I get my money back after a refund? What can I do to receive a refund on my purchase? What steps should I follow to return an item on Ebay?

Buying on Ebay is extremely simple and provides several benefits, thanks to the speed and security of the site. Ebay has a wide variety of items of all types, sizes and colors. So it is positioned as one of the best sites for make purchases online.

However, in some cases it may turn out that an item or product purchased arrives damaged, defective or not as expected, in this case it is possible to make a return and obtain a refund for the money deposited.

In some cases the refund can vary from a partial refund to a full refund. In case you don’t know how make returns on Ebay and request a refund, today at miracomosehace we explain how to do it.

Can I make a return on Ebay?

If you have logged into Ebay and made the purchase of any item, but it does not match what you expected, is damaged, defective or does not match the description, you can make a return and request a refund of money.

In Ebay it is important before making any purchase, verify if the seller makes returns. In the event that the purchase clause is stipulated Since there are no refunds, it will be more difficult to get a refund.

There are several sellers on Ebay They offer money back service for the item. However, it is important to verify the time in which the return or refund can be requested and the payment mechanisms by which it can be obtained.

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On Ebay it is possible to pay with paypal, generally when making payments through this platform it is possible to obtain a refund through it.

Steps to make a return on Ebay

The first step to make a return on the Ebay platform is to enter your online account, so if you cannot enter your Ebay account you will not be able to do the same. Once you are in your account you must go to your purchase history.

To enter the history of your purchases on Ebay you must go to the section of your profile and click on settings and then press “Purchase history”. Or you can enter directly from the application by pressing the drop-down menu found in the corner of the screen.

In your purchase history you must select the item that you received and with which you are not satisfied. Along with this must The option “Return this item” will appear.

To continue with the process you must fill out a form in which you explain the reason that gave rise to the return. In the event that the item you have received is in poor condition, defective or does not match the description in the sales publication, you can add 10 photos of it.

Once you have filled out the form you must click on Send. You can track your case in the section “Status of requests”.

How to receive a refund for my money?

After fill in the return form on Ebay, the seller has 3 business days to respond to the form. The seller’s response on Ebay will depend on the reason for returning the item.

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If the return process is approved, you will have 10 business days to return the item to your seller.

Within 2 days after the seller receives the returned item, they can refund the item as agreed. In case the refund was made through the Paypal platform this may take between 3 and 5 days.

If you have paid for the item with a credit card, the refund process may take time. up to 30 business days.

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