How Can I Open a File with MDE Extension – Step by Step

Do you have a file with an MDE extension on your PC and you have no idea how to open it? Don’t worry, if you are windows user surely that problem has a solution with the Office suite.

What is an MDE file?

It is the type of Microsoft extension used to manage Access relational databases. Such a file can contain VBA source code in binary form to encrypt the information.

It is characterized by being very light and being used for protect access to data of some users. When the database is protected with VBA code, you will be able to make reports and edit information, but you will not have permissions to manage all the information.

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Encryption works like a security layer extra in the database. That is why it is usually used to offer a demo or limited version to users.

How to use an MDE file

This format is sometimes confused with ArchiCAD application files. They have the same extension, but they are completely different.

How to open a file with an MDE extension?

Microsoft Access

The native application to open a file of this extension is Microsoft Access. Just open the application on your PC and open the file or double click on it.

If you want to create an MDE file to share, run the application and open the database. Click on the Tools / Utilities menu and select the option Create MDE file.

Enter the name of the file and select the folder where you are going to save it. At the end, open the file and verify that you cannot modify the reports, forms and modules.

Microsoft Excel

Excel has proven to be one of the more versatile tools Microsoft Office. Proof of this is the high level of compatibility it has with Access to access and convert data.

Run the Excel application and click on the Data ribbon. To import the data select Get data / From a database / From an Access database.

Use Excel to view MDE file

You will have access to certain part of the information taking into account that it is a protected database. Changes made in Excel can only be saved in the format of spreadsheet (CSV or SLSX).

Convert the MDE file to another format

An effective and practical way to access the data in the MDE file is to transform it into another more universal format. The easiest way to do this is through Access.

Run the application and open the file with an MDE extension. Make all the necessary changes and save the database in MDN or ACCDB format.

If what you want is a format that does not require the installation of any type of program, use the MDE Compiler tool. Convert your file MDE in an executable .EXE file.

Is a paid app, but it is presented as one of the most useful alternatives for any user to access the database, without affecting the security and integrity of the information.

I can’t open the MDE file

If you’ve tried all of the above and still can’t open the file, check to see if you have a Access version supported with the format. If that’s the problem, install the latest version.

Another possibility is that the file MDE is damaged. A file can be affected by an error if there is an interruption in uploading or downloading.

The integrity of the data is affected and in those cases it is best to request the file again. Download the file from its source or ask them to send you another version of the same file.

Viruses also often affect the integrity of a file. It is worth doing an analysis of the database to verify that it is not infected.

Lastly, verify that you have the correct MDE file extension. Each file is accompanied by an icon that identifies it and gives you an idea of ​​the application it uses to open. But you might confuse it with another file with a similar extension like those used by ArchiCAD.

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