How can I pay with PayPal without a credit card or bank account? (Example)

In the world we live in, you can no longer do anything without the internet, and this is because everything happens through the web. This is so much the case that now there are completely digital banks that do not require a registration with a lot of paperwork. That is why today the question will be resolved Can I pay with PayPal without a credit card or bank account?

And is that, currently everyone uses digital banks and cryptocurrencies (you can even buy Bitcoin with PayPal, so both systems are related), which are generating more and more demand. So much so that now most online stores have a button to be able to pay with PayPal Instantly with just one click, and you can even pay for Uber with PayPal (and any other app), so learning about how to use it is essential today.

Create a PayPal account

Before resolving the doubt Can I pay with PayPal without a credit card or bank account? You have to first learn how to create an account on this site without either of the two requirements mentioned above. The first thing you have to do is go to the official website of said bank through the browser of your choice.

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Once there you must select the option «Create a free account»When you do, you will be asked to specify if you want a normal or business account. Choose the normal one. Next you must put an email and configure the password (make sure the email has been created in the country where the account is created).

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Then give «Next”, In the window that will appear below, fill in the nationality information, telephone number, among others. When finished give «Accept and continue.»

You will be asked to link a card and a bank account but this it’s not mandatory, skip those steps and finally your account will be created at last, you just have to confirm it in the link that will reach your associated email.

Ready with this you have an active account and you are closer to solving the question Can I pay with PayPal without a credit card or bank account?

Can I pay with PayPal without a credit card or bank account?

Now that you are a PayPal user, you can know that it is possible to pay with your account without having the requirements that you have read in the title. There are several ways to do this, but the main ones are two: the first is the one you read at the beginning. Using the P payment buttonayPal found in almost all major online stores (not to mention all).

If you want to pay with this process, you just have to finalize a purchase on any page and look for the payment section, there select PayPal (this can vary depending on the page you are on). By doing this you will be redirected to a window where you must enter your email and password, and then click the blue button that is named «Log in».

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Only with that, the purchase will be made and your product should be paid in full. What’s more, you will enjoy a guarantee granted by PayPal Without your purchase, it meets the buyer protection requirements (to see these requirements visit the official page of the application).

Send money from one account to another

The second of the options that there are to pay with this bank, is with a transfer to a PayPal account. This application allows you to transfer money from one account to another, you only have to have the email of the person you want to transfer the money to, and enter it in the corresponding box within transfers or personal payments.

Remember that to make purchases or transfers, you must have the balance necessary to pay, it may sound silly to remember it but keep in mind that this application charges taxes depending on the transaction, so if you have the right money, your operation may not be carried out.

With that last, the unknown has already been cleared Can I pay with PayPal without a credit card or bank account?, go to your account and start making the purchases you need.

Now it is recommended that as a complement you look for more information on how banking works, for example you should find how to send and receive money through PayPal without paying commission, or how to contact PayPal’s technical service, since with that information you will manage the counts perfectly.

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