How Can I Remotely Control My Mac From My iPhone Step by Step (Example)

Today we have a large number of electronic devices with different options that make life much easier for us. But there is no doubt that one of the best electronics brands is Manzana, since they offer us many services of excellent quality. It even gives you the option to connect an iOS mobile phone to your Mac.

In fact, we can even control our Apple devices remotely. Next, we will show you how you can remotely control your Mac from your iPhone step by step.

With the guide that we will give you today, you will be able to manage your Mac computer from your iPhone cell phone in just a couple of simple steps. In this way, you will be able to impress other people with the wonderful tricks that you can do only with your versatile iPhone.

How to remotely control a Mac from an iPhone?

There is no doubt that all devices Apple have many useful options. So many are these functions, that many times we do not know of the existence of many of them. And one of the least known, but still one of the most useful, is to remotely control our Apple devices. In addition to being able to configure the privacy and security options in the macOS system.

For instance, we can control our Mac easily from an iPhone. In fact, you can navigate the Mac with the same button configuration as the iPhone, which greatly facilitates many of the activities that we can carry out on it.

control your mac

And, although there are already several iPhone functions that can be Edit from your PC, this is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining and versatile.

What steps must be followed?

To get started, and to do this correctly, it is necessary that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. In this way, you can start to follow the steps that we give you below:

  • Sign in to iCloud with your Mac and iPhone. Remember to do this with the same ID on both devices.
  • From the Mac, go to the Apple menu.
  • Now, select the “Preferences of the system in the computer”.
  • Go to the “Accessibility” section, then select “Button Control”.
  • You will see a box that says “Allow platform change to control the computer.”
  • Once this is done, activate the “Button Control” option on your iPhone.
  • Now, use the button to move through the menu “Button control”.
  • Select the “Device” option.
  • Press “Use another device”.
  • You will see a list of the devices you want to control. In this case, choose the Mac.
  • Finally, press “Connect” to confirm your actions.

That is all! Once you have followed all these steps to the letter, you can use the button on your iPhone to control your Mac computer easily. Of course, if you have problems or any questions about how to achieve this, do not hesitate to visit the official Apple Support page. In this way, you will receive the practical help you need to use button control on your device to control another easily and safely.

How to control an Apple device from a Mac?

It is also totally possible control another Apple device from a Mac computer. In fact, the steps to achieve this are very simple, and we encourage you to follow them. All you have to do to control a device from your Mac is:

  • As we did previously, connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Again, sign in to iCloud with the same ID on both the Mac and the other Apple device.
  • On your Mac, turn on “Button control”.
  • With the button previously activated, navigate through the home panel. Specifically the one of “Control by button”.
  • Select the option “Devices”.
  • Next, choose the device you want to control remotely.
  • To finish the process, press “Connect”.

remotely control your mac

It’s that simple to control the device we want from our Mac. All you have to do to both Mac and iPhone stop controlling another device, is to press the button for 10 seconds. If you do this, the button will revert to controlling only the device it is on.

We all want get the most out of it possible to our electronic devices, and Apple allows us to do that. We encourage you to continue learning about your Apple devices, such as accessing disk utility in macOS. And follow the steps and tips that we gave you previously to remotely control your Mac, and we assure you that you will not regret it.

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