How Can I Save Mobile Data Consumption When Watching Videos on YouTube?

Then we will see how can I save mobile data consumption when watching videos on YouTube with a few options that we must configure in the application of the internet giant. In turn, we also invite you to know the ways to save data when browsing with Google Chrome.

It is not too difficult to reduce the data consumption that YouTube can generate. You should also bear in mind that, even if we reduce as much as possible what a video can consume, it is never advisable to consume a lot of streaming content from a plan of data.

Data plans are limited, some plans are more extensive than others, but generally have a limit. When we play streaming content and it is from YouTube and Spotify, the expense can be considerable. And speaking of this music app, it is also possible to disable autoplay on Spotify to save data.

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In the case of YouTube, it is not only sound, but also video. The expense can be a lot. That is why we are going to see how to save mobile data when playing YouTube videos with this small and detailed guide.

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Save mobile data when using YouTube

The first thing to be aware of is that the higher the quality of the video, the more data it requires to play it. Which means that their consumption will be higher.

Luckily, YouTube has an option to limit the playback of HD videos only when we are connected to a Wi-Fi network. In this way we can save a large amount of data.

To configure this option, all we have to do is enter the YouTube configuration from the same application. We can see an option called «Limit mobile data» which we will have to activate.

Thus YouTube limits the playback of HD videos when we have mobile data. This does not mean that we will not be able to play certain videos. In reality, we can see all the videos we want only that they will be in a lower quality.

Another thing we can do is change the video quality from the player itself. This is a good idea for when a video won’t load, not just to save mobile data. Obviously if you want to play a video in 480p and it takes too long to load. By reducing the quality to 240p it may be reproduced without problems since it requires less connection.

For this, all we have to do is go to the video we want to see. Then we go to the options of the same and click on «Quality”Here we can select the quality in which we want to see it.

If we choose 144p quality obviously the video will play quite fast and will consume very little mobile data. However, the small detail is that the quality of it will be very poor. The ideal is to have the quality set to 360p which in terms of quality / expense ratio is quite decent.

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How to save mobile data when watching YouTube videos

The less quality a video has, the less data it requires to play, so we are going to spend less. However, the ideal is directly not to consume streaming if our data plan is basic.

Remember that even though the video is in very poor quality, it continues to consume a lot. If you have a plan that does not exceed 2G per month, you can consume them too quickly. Even if you decide to watch videos on low quality.

This also happens with applications like Spotify. For this reason, it is recommended that you download everything you want to view or listen to before losing the WiFi connection.

If you know that you will be somewhere where you may want to listen to music or play a video to pass the time. It is best to download YouTube videos before leaving your home.

In this way you will be able to see them in the best possible quality and without spending mobile data from your device. It is the best option in this regard. Even if you decide to download music from Spotify to save mobile data.

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