How can I share my Spotify Music on my Instagram? Why can’t I?

Instagram one of the favorite apps In recent times, it is a very complete social network in which the user can share his life through publications and even learn how to publish short stories, make recordings, have private conversations with his friends, make purchases, among many others. options.

Instagram maintains alliances with other apps to be able to offer the user a more complete experience, an example of this is Instagram Shopping, which to use depends largely on Facebook Shopping, which you can easily create.

This is very useful for companies that manage a flow of customers through the same or the alliance with Spotify to share their favorite songs, or playlists with friends and followers. It is important that you acquire knowledge on how to activate Instagram Shopping.

These alliances are win-win since both applications benefit leaving the user satisfied since they do not have to resort to other ways of sharing their favorite content, in a few steps you can do it from the comfort of your Smartphone.

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Spotify and Instagram

Instagram for a while allows your users to share their music Favorite from his stories, however not long ago this can be done directly from Spotify leaving fans of both applications more than satisfied.

Recall that Spotify is a multimedia content playback platform, it is the favorite in its field and has garnered a large number of users since its launch. Today it’s super simple find all kinds of music, and even podcast, also allowing you to create collections or lists that can be shared with friends, and other users.

Both applications have a large number of loyal users who received this alliance in the best way, and they do not tire of share your favorite topics on instagram via Spotify. If you want more information about Spotify and its services, you can visit its official website.

How to do it?

Sharing your favorite Spotify content on instagram is really very simple, first you must enter Spotify and select the song you want to share, once selected you must enter the menu (the three points located on the right side of the song name) this will display some options, there you will find the one you are looking for, “Share”.

The application itself will redirect you to a media list of diffusion among which you will find the option of Instagram Stories, from this point it proceeds to open Instagram, there you can edit, add gifts or stickers to your publication, once you like how it looks you just have to select “publish the story” , so easily your followers will be able to see that you are listening.

For them also to listen, they only have to select “Play on Spotify” this will redirect them directly to the app so they can enjoy your favorite music. It is important to emphasize that the image you publish will contain the name of the album to which the song belongs, the name of it and the artist who performs it, therefore it is necessary that your followers also have a Spotify account.

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In case of not working

If everything mentioned above doesn’t work it may be due to the following: Some of the two applications (or both) are outdated, it must be remembered that these options are improving and polishing with each update, which is why it is recommended to be up-to-date with them to avoid inconveniences. The operating system of your Smartphone is very old, if this is the case, we recommend updating the operating system if possible.

Maybe the option still not available in your country, it’s just a matter of waiting or using a VPN. Also, check the internet connection of your smartphone, it may be failing.

If the problem is either of the two applications, we recommend closing and reopening them this will allow them to reboot and work again in a certain way. As mentioned before, sharing your favorite music on Instagram Stories from Spotify is really easy and fast and it is one more way to connect with those who share the same likes you.

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