How Can I Update the GoPro Hero Camera Software? (Example) – Step by step guide

For several years the GoPro Inc. company launched its GoPro Hero cameras. These GoPro cameras are great for taking pictures and recording videos. GoPro Hero cameras are useful for people who do extreme sports. Maybe you already enjoy the quality of this equipment, so in this article we will explain how to update the software of the GoPro Hero; it will be a step by step guide.

Learn how to update GoPro Hero camera software step by step

Like all high-tech equipment, these cameras need to be updated, as this allows for optimal performance. For GoPro Hero cameras they constantly make revisions to the Firmware, these fixes fix bugs that may be present.

They improve battery use and image quality, of course the latter is something that stands out in these wonderful cameras. They are excellent for recording high definition videos, as well as being resistant in harsh conditions. To update the GoPro Hero camera software there is different ways, here we will explain how to do it from the PC, as well as the smartphone.

Update GoPro Hero Camera Software on PC

  1. The first thing you should do is go to the GoPro website.
  2. There download GoPro Studio by pressing the «Downland Now» icon, This will be installed on your PC and the process takes a few minutes.
  3. Already installed, you must look in the .exe file that are downloaded to the PC, go to the folder you used for that moment and click and it will begin to install and then follow the instructions of the program and click ‘Next’.
  4. Now, you must connect the camera, keep in mind that before connecting it you must make sure the battery have a fairly high percentage. Then insert the micro SD card and use the USB cable.
  5. On the PC open the application GoPro Studio and wait for it to detect your camera and to notify you if updates are available.
  6. In that case, click on ‘Update’, in this way it will begin to change the Firmware and download the file in your GoPro Hero camera.

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upgrade GoPro Hero camera software step by step for optimal performance

GoPro Hero Camera Update on Smartphone

Another way to update the GoPro Hero camera is from your smartphone; It is quite simple, for this only you must follow the following steps:

  1. You must download the GoPro Studio application to your phone, for that go to Google Play Store, type in the GoPro name and choose the first one that appears. If you are using an iPhone look for the «App Store» icon.
  2. Once the app is installed, look in downloaded apps and press GoPro.
  3. Now you must connect the camera, for that in the upper left screen press ‘Add Camera’ In iOS and Android ‘Camera’, there you must select the type of camera you have.
  4. The camera must turn it on and press «Mode», and then go to «Utilities».
  5. Then select «Connect», and locate in connected devices «Conneted Devices», click on «Connect New Devices».
  6. Whatever the camera reflects, press «GoPro App», this is for you to receive a name and password.
  7. On the Smartphone press «Pair» and then in «Joint»If requested, write the name and password that the camera gave you.
  8. Once the phone and the camera are connected to the application on the home screen, an icon is reflected that allows the Firmware update to be available; press button and the update will start.
  9. Then, you must press «Install» to continue.
  10. In that time the camera will turn off and on several times, this happens because it is performing the internal modifications to the Firmware. When done, turn off the camera and close the phone app.
  11. Once this is done, reopen the app and connect the GoPro camera, This will show you a message that the Firmware is up to date.

GoPro Hero camera update on mobile

Update the camera software GoPro Hero It is a very simple process, just follow the recommendations detailed in this article. We hope you liked this publication, let us know your opinion and remember to share this article with family and friends.

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