How Can You Have Two Spotify Premium Accounts and Pay with the Same Card?

The process of having two Spotify accounts with the same card seems simple, this type of application is great, especially for music lovers. It has never been easier to play music (wherever the user is) anywhere in the world.

The fact of being able to have a musical repertoire of different genres is impressive, or even the power of having countless concerts on hand that you can enjoy looking at and listening to. Fortunately, the service that Spotify offers is cross-platform. This means that it is available for Android, IOS, Windows and other Operating Systems.

How to have two Spotify Premium accounts and pay with the same card?

It seems hard to believe having two Spotify accounts with the same card, but what is Spotify? digital music service, digital radio and music videos, which can be enjoyed through the application for smartphones, or through its website.

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In the same vein, it can be said that this service is very particular, since it offers the possibility to enter at any time, without any inconvenience. Besides being free, it offers you the possibility of downloading the App for Android or for IOS. The only detail is that it has two modes: One “Free” and one “Premium”.

you can have two spotify premium accounts pay by card

Having two Spotify accounts with the same card is only possible if a Premium account called “Premium Duo” is contracted. This type of plan is perfect for two people who want to use this Premium Service and pay from a single account.

You can only have two Spotify accounts with the same card, if the plan in question is contracted, with it, the two users will have multiple benefits, since they can enjoy unlimited access that includes a “Duet Mix” and a personalized “Playlist”.

Why use the Spotify Premium Service?

By using a Premium Plan it is allowed to have two accounts on Spotify with the same card, it is one of the great benefits, and believe it or not you can have access to a maximum of 6 accounts, which can be paid from a single credit card, everything depends on your needs and your financial capacity.

Service Spotify offers you 3 main Premium PlansThe first of them is the individual Premium Plan that grants access to more than 50 million songs, freedom to choose songs on any device, excellent audio quality, play music without internet access, access to audiobooks and podcasts.

The genius of having two Spotify accounts with the same card offers you the benefits of having unlimited access for one month to a repertoire of more than 50 million songs and videos, it also allows you to access different podcasts and audiobooks.

As if that were not enough, if having two Spotify accounts with the same card is not enough, this service will give you brings the option of having 6 accountsThe plan is called “Premium Family”, it gives you the benefits of having a personalized “Playlist” with unlimited access.

How to download Spotify on Android?

If you want to have two Spotify accounts with the same card, you must first bear in mind that you must have the application downloadedOf course, this applies if you want to use it on smartphones or tablets.

spotify premium accounts pay with the card

Regardless of where you want to use the Spotify application, it offers you countless activities related to trending music genres, audiobooks that you can listen at any time, radio programs and the ability to take the service anywhere.

To download the «App» and have two Spotify accounts with the same card, you must go to the «Google Play» store, where find all Android apps, write Spotify in the search box, select the application and press the install option.

You will have to wait a few minutes, until a notification appears specifying that the application has been installed correctly. Once the process is complete, you just have to open the App and complete the registration process.

If you don’t have an Android device and are using a different one, you might be interested in investigating a way to download Google Play Store on a different brand phone.

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