How do I connect my Wii Console to the Smart TV? – Easy and Fast (Example)

The Nintendo Wii a console that gave us and continues to give us great experiences today. Remembered as one of the most impressive leaps of generation, the Wii is obviously behind us, but did you know you can use it with today’s technology? The quote is for learn how to connect my Wii console to the Smart TV.

This console really comes in handy, you can even download and install Netflix on Wii easily. In turn, create an account on Nintendo Network and link with 3DS, not bad.

Because who does not want to take a walk through memory and remember childhood biting with Wolf Link, or scoring impressive goals with Mario, for anyone who has a different fondness for one of Nintendo’s darlings, this is his tutorial.

Connect my Wii console to the Smart TV

Certainly the Nintendo Wii is already quite old, being its year of release 2006, 14 years have passed since we first delighted ourselves with its catalog.

But not because it is old it is useless, if you still have enough desire to play, but have changed from a television to a more powerful one (for current consoles), today I have to learn some solutions to connect my Wii console to the Smart TV.

The first thing you should know is that the original Wii cables or AV cables, are designed to connect to the RCA inputs of the television. Each one at the entrance with its corresponding color (yellow, white and red)

If your TV has this entry (because there are new televisions that bring them), you just have to go to the section “TV / VideoOn television. If the image does not appear here, look for the option “Imput“, The sections “av“,”EXT“Or”AUX(As a last option, it searches channels 0 or 99).

white wii console

Scart connector

If with the original cables you cannot achieve your mission, it is time to try another type, we start with a Scart connector. The Wii doesn’t really bring this kind of scart connection, but you can get an RCA to Scart adapter, which is very small and useful because it has all three colored inputs.

Once you connect the RCA cables to it, you just have to connect the Scart on your television, and look for the Scart input channel section to start playing.

VGA monitor

As in the previous example, there are adapters and cables that allow you to connect the Wii but in this case to a monitor, so if you don’t have a TV available but a monitor, just you must place the VGA side to the monitor and the other end to your Wii, This will cause the image to be reflected on the screen.

Nowadays it is possible to show off an innovative tool, that is, to turn a television into a SMART TV with AKASO QBOX.

Get modern and use an HDMI

If the first thing that weighs is, that what you have just read is crazy, because you are very wrong, thanks to modernism there is now a way to connect an HDMI cable to the Wii.

In itself, these smart TVs may have a greater number of ports or HDMI connections on Smart TVs, but that is another issue although it is good to know as an alternative.

So is connecting my Wii console to the Smart TV easier than ever? If so, nostalgia has hit you at a good time because today even HDMI can use the Wii. And this will not only reflect the image but also increase its quality a bit.

white wii console and controller

You just have to buy an HDMI converter for audio and video, then connect it to the back of the Nintendo Wii and then connect the HDMI cable to it, then to the TV.

Finally, just look again in “Imput” the section for the HDMI output and that’s it, start playing on your new TV with a better resolution than you remember (one of the best adapters on the market is called Wii aan HDMI adapter and it’s special for This function)

And with this the learning ends, but cstart a new trip to the pastNow that connecting my Wii console to the Smart TV is no longer a problem, hours of play are guaranteed.

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