How Do I Fix My Cell Phone Camera When It Doesn’t Focus Up Close?

You have problems with the camera of your phone, then we recommend you read the following guide in which we will talk about How to fix my cell phone camera when it does not focus closely?, Solving once and for all the problems when taking a picture.

Without a doubt, photographs are very important in today’s world and there are no smart phones that do not have a decent camera. Even so, problems often arise related to cameras and it is precisely this that we will talk about next.

Mobile cameras

Today it is difficult to imagine a cell phone that does not have a camera, since practically all modern mobiles have high quality cameras. Our world deserves this, since social networks increasingly demand elements such as faster processors or featured cameras, which even allow you to take good photos at night with your mobile.

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Even so, like any other element present in our mobiles, the camera can present failures and without a doubt one of the most annoying is when the mobile does not focus closely. This can be caused by many reasons, in any case, we recommend that you read the following information to find the solution of this problem.

camera does not focus closely

How to fix my cell phone camera when it does not focus closely?

There are many reasons why a mobile can not focusing properly up closeSome of them have a very simple solution, while others will require the help of external agents. We invite you to read the following guide with which we intend to help you in the event that your cell phone is not focusing closely.

Dirt in the Chamber

A very common reason for cameras not focusing properly on nearby objects is often due to dirt. If the camera is dirty you will have problems when focus properly on objects, especially if they are very close.

This problem can also affect the clarity of the image, in any case, if you intend to take macro photos, that is to say of close objects, surely you could have problems if your camera is dirty. Given this, it is best to always keep the glass of your mobile camera clean.

The camera does not have autofocus

Some people complain of focus problems, but this is often due to device problems. With very cheap or old phones, the drawback arises that our autofocus function, on the other hand, usually have a adjusted focus type, which is good for normal photographs, but not effective for close ones.

Evaluate the characteristics of your mobile phone and search sites specialized If it has autofocus, if not, unfortunately taking pictures of objects that are too close will be very complicated, since the mobile does not have a function that allows you to do this properly.

Either way, even though your device doesn’t have autofocus, it doesn’t hurt to read these tips for taking professional photos of people. Possibly this will help you to obtain a better final result.

Fix cell phone camera

Case problems

The cover is a practically necessary element to protect the integrity of our cell phones, in any case, it can generate certain problems mainly related to the camera.

If your mobile phone case is not the most suitable for this model, there are quite possibly problems related to the focus. This may be happening as the case hinders the camera’s ability to get the light from the scene.

In case you have problems related to case and the focus of your mobile, it is best to take it off when taking a picture. Similarly, we recommend buying a case specifically made for your cell phone model.

Hardware failure

Another reason why the mobile may not be focusing properly is due to a failure in the internal components of the camera. This can be very annoying, but unfortunately it does not have a simple solution, so it is best to take the device to a technician.

Otherwise, if the mobile still has the warranty in force, it is best to take it to the store where you bought it, if the problem is a factory fault, you will surely receive all the appropriate attention.

Keep in mind that if you can not finally solve the problems. Note that there are ways to correct blurry photos with Photoshop and other applications.

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