How do I know which Carrefour Supermarket or Carrefour Express is near me? (Example)

When thinking of huge European brands, Carrefour should be one of the first to cross your mind, as this is one of the largest and most efficient chains that exist throughout the territory. It is precisely because of that extension that its establishments cover that today you will learn which Carrefour or Carrefour Express supermarket is nearby?

And it is that, although it seems silly, there are many people who still do not know where all the establishments of this type are. So they tend to turn to other brands when buying just because of the laziness and laziness of having to search, and what they do not know is that Getting to Carrefour establishments is incredibly easy.

Which Carrefour or Carrefour Express supermarket is nearby?

To go directly to the point that interests you, and quickly learn which Carrefour or Carrefour Express supermarket is nearby, first you have to bear in mind that this information is valid only for the Spanish territory.

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Now, what you have to do to find the Carrefour supermarket that you have closest is to go to its official website in the Google search engine. More specifically you must place «Carrefour store finder».

carts buy carrefour

With that combination of letters you will immediately get a link (it should be the first), which when you click it It will take you to the Carrefour page to the search engine section.

This section contains a map of the whole of Spain, and some search bars which you can use to find in a few minutes any establishment you are looking for from the Carrefour group.

Best of all, is that you don’t even have to be a member or log in anywhere, you just have to enter as told and you can use the search engine (it’s free).

And it is that this page is so good and it is so optimized, that it allows not only to search the stores but also: to know the card number and Carrefour member, to see my savings check, and even to know the status of my order if so you want it. Therefore, it is recommended to learn how to use this page completely.

How does the search engine work?

Now that you have learned all of the above, it is time to show you the composition of the internal search engine of the page, so that the initial doubt of which Carrefour or Carrefour Express supermarket is nearby is completely cleared up?

The first thing you have to know is that in that section there are filters, which are divided into two, which would be the different stores and the services they provide. There is also a bar where you can enter the postal code of your municipality, and a map of Spain from Google Maps.

carrrefour construction store

Using each tool is easy, in the code bar you just have to put your zip code, this will immediately locate your city on the map. Then you have to choose a store filter, it can be express, market, among others.

This action will immediately show stores that are near your zip code area. And lastly, also you can use the service filters so that the map shows you specifically the stores in your area that meet the requirements you need.

And voila, with that you know enough to say that you know which Carrefour or Carrefour Express supermarket is nearby, so now you just have to go to the website and do everything described above.

Remember that although it is not necessary to be subscribed or have an account, It is always convenient to create one, since with it you can choose to join the Carrefour club which provides impressive benefits to its members. The best thing about this service is that it is free, so there are no excuses not to get it as soon as possible.

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