How do I log into my Dropbox account in Spanish? – Easy and Fast (Example)

When it comes to quality of service in cloud hosting, Dropbox is the one. It allows store any file and access it from any device when we need it. You only need to know your access data to log into your Dropbox account from your mobile or PC.

What is Dropbox?

For those who do not know Dropbox is a cloud hosting service which is used to access your files from anywhere in the world. To access your files you just have to log into your account from a browser, mobile device, tablet or PC application.

It works like a pendrive only that the files are hosted on a Dropbox server that works as a kind of virtual hard disk. Just one Internet connection to access files or if it is synchronized with the PC, access the Dropbox folder.

Login Dropbox

Dropbox has paid and free plans for your use. The downside of the free plan is that it has a limited amount of storage up to 2GB and it doesn’t have all the features available like the paid options. The good news is that Dropbox Basic accounts can raise their storage limit up to 16GB if you invite your friends to use Dropbox.

Sign in to my Dropbox account

There are three ways to access the Dropbox platform. You may log in from any device Android or iOS mobile, from the browser and from the PC application.

Sign in from mobile device

Download and install the Dropbox app from the App Store if you have an iPhone or from the Play Store if you have an Android device.

Open the app and enter your access data, like your email and password. Select the Remember me check box to automatically log in at future times.

You may sign in with google If the email address of the account is previously configured on the mobile.

Login from PC

Open the browser of your preference and place in the search engine “Dropbox” to access the main page. It is a step that you can save if you add the page in your bookmarks.

Login from PC

Click on the Login button found in the upper right hand side of the page.

Once here you just have to place your email and password access to the account. Select the remember me box so that you do not have to enter the access data again, but they will be automatically entered on future occasions.

Another way to log in is by entering your Apple ID or with your Google account. It works if the ID or your Google email is associated with the Dropbox account.

Login from the PC application

The PC application can be one of the most useful tools that Dropbox has, since it allows sync files directly to a folder on your PC.

Download the Dropbox application from the official website. The download starts automatically and the installation file is usually compatible with your operating system.

Install the application on the PC. It is a fairly intuitive process and does not represent any complexity to do so.

At the end of the installation, start the application and enter your email address and password corresponding to your Dropbox account. A quick way to log in is with your Apple ID or your Google account login details.

If you already have the application installed you can start it from the application menu or from the Dropbox icon in the system menu bar.

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