How do I log into my Tumblr Account Spanish Desktop? – Very Easy (Example)

The Internet It is a gigantic place where many content creators show their works seeking to be recognized. However, today there are so many sites to post that sometimes we don’t know which sites are the best.

That is why today we are going to talk to you about a social network that differs from others because of how unique it is. This page is Tumblr and it specializes in collecting the works of thousands of users from many parts of the world.

Tumblr Created in 2007, it allows you to upload images, watch videos or do anything without any limitation on what you can upload. So let’s explain Step by Step how to log in to the page so that you have access to all this content.

How to login to Tumblr from PC?

Tumblr from PC

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand a page, but if you follow our step-by-step guide you will be on Tumblr quickly. Make sure you have a good internet connection and to have an account on this portal so as not to have problems.

Step 1

We will start by entering google from your browser of choice and looking for the Tumblr home page. Several options will appear in the search results so be sure to enter the official website. You can also access by clicking on this link that we leave below that will take you directly to the page.

Step 2

Now on the website you must enter your email with which you registered on the page and give it next. Once this is done you will see 2 options that are “Send me a magic link” Y “Use your password to log in”. You should click on this second option and wait for the next page to load where you can add your password.

Step 3

Now they will appear to you 2 boxes that you must fill in with your data. In the first one, the email that you had previously placed will appear and the other that is below is where you will write the password.

You must enter the password with which you registered and make sure that you are writing it correctly. Make sure you do not have capital letters activated because it will give you an error if your password is written with lowercase letters.

If you followed the steps and did not make any mistakes, you will already be inside Tumblr and you will be able to enjoy all its content.

Why is Tumblr the best site for those looking for all kinds of content?

Tumblr on the asphalt

This page has proven to stand the test of time and millions of users confirm that their strategy works. If you are the creator of digital content, this is the ideal place for you and you will be able to make yourself known quickly in the middle. You can also get or take someone else’s Tumblr theme.

If you are not a creator but a consumer, you will never tire of what all the users who make life on Tumblr offer you. The content you can find is so vast and varied that it will not bore you, and the page has almost no buts when it comes to uploading. And it is that this platform allows you to embed images or content in HTML easily and simply.

However remember navigate prudently and discreetly For this social network, not all content is for all audiences. This page offers few limitations on what can be uploaded so enjoy it always acting prudently, so that you continue creating the environment that always exists.

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