How do I register my Business in Google my Business? – Step by Step

In the case that you have a local or a company, we recommend that you open an account in Google my Business. In this way you can enjoy a large number of benefits that will help to better position your business. That is why later we will explain how register your business in Google my Business.

Basically with Google my Business you can manage the Google + profile of your business so that it can be consulted online by customers. In addition, it will appear on Google Maps so that users can locate it more easily.

Instructions to follow to register my business in Google my Business

In this first section of the post, we will talk to you in great detail about everything you need to know to be able to register your business in Google my Business. As you will see below, it is a fairly simple process that will not take you more than 10 minutes to complete. That is why we recommend that you read the following instructions carefully.

  • The first thing you should do to create an account in Google my Bussines for your business, is to enter the Google Business portal and click on the option “Get my page”. Then choose the type of company you want to register and add its postal address.
  • Then you must hope that the Google team will mail you a validation letter. This legal document contains a verification code which you must enter in the Google my Business portal in order to verify your account.

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  • Basically with the previous steps you will have already completed the process to register your business in Google my Business. However, you must fill in all the fields of your profile and add images about your company. We also remind you that your company will also appear in the latest version of Google Maps for iPhone and Android.
  • On the other hand, you should know that Google will automatically create a page on Google+ for your local. In this way you can use that profile to share news and updates related to your company.
  • Also keep in mind that you will have the option of add extra locations. To do this, you just have to press the option “My business locations”.
  • Then, for each of the locations that are added, Google will create new profiles on Google+ Local. In this way, people who have several registered stores will benefit at all times.
  • Now, in the case that you have more than two locations and you want to manage the user rights of each of them, then we recommend that you use a commercial account. To obtain more information about this, we invite you to enter the Google help pages, since in this post we will not talk about these types of accounts.

Advantages of Google my Business

This time we will talk a little about the multiple advantages that Google my Business offers us so you can improve the image of your business on the web. Without a doubt, this part is very important, since today many people prefer to google businesses before visiting them personally.

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Thanks to this tool Google, We can manage the data of our company that users see when searching for products and the type of service offered.

You can also include photos to better illustrate the cover letter. It is even said that companies that add both photos and routes of how to get to the establishment receive many requests.

On the other hand, with Google my Business you have the opportunity to read and respond to customer reviews. This point is very important, since the vast majority of users are carried away by the criticisms that have been posted by other users who have interacted with your company. Undoubtedly, reviews serve as a marketing tool to help better position your business.

In fact, by registering your business in Google my Bussines you can create ads for your business to appear on Google Maps, and in this way you can generate a little extra promotion.

It is also possible to review the statistics on how Internet users have found your company on the web and from which region they come. This is how you can improve SEO positioning so that your company can appear in the first results. You can even know if users have consulted your company from their computer, mobile device or tablet.

Undoubtedly, the fact of using Google my Bussines and Google Maps so that your business appears on the internet for free will help you a lot to raise sales.

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