How do I register or index my Website in the Bing and Yahoo Search Engines?

Nowadays being active on the web is not just a matter of leisure, it can also represent a very lucrative job, so if you are one of those people who are looking to increase their followers on a page or make it known more, you have come to your tutorial. Because today you will learn how to index my website in search engines Bing and Yahoo.

And it is that although everyone knows that the largest search engine in the world is called Google, it never hurts to use other tools to give know your page more effectively. In this case Yahoo and Bing are the most trusted after the industry giant, so it’s time to give them a try.

What is indexing a website in a search engine?

Before I can know how to index my website in Bing and Yahoo search engines, You have to talk a bit about what it is to register a site, to give a bit of context. This process is basically adding a website to the SERP which are the search engine results pages.

To achieve this you have to use the free services offered by companies such as Bing or Google, whose main objective is to suggest or inform about new websites, so that they are taken into consideration when adding them in search engines.

To suggest and index a website you have to follow a series of steps which are almost the same for most companies, these are:

monochrome bing icon

Enter a url code (If you do not know what the URL is, you should look for it, it is important to understand it), make a validation to make it clear that it is not a robot who is performing the action and finally update the source code of the site with another that will allow the robot search engine to detect it more easily.

Index my website in Bing and Yahoo search engines

Now, with the above in mind, it is time for you to learn specifically how to index a site to Bing and Yahoo! The first will be Yahoo, you must go to this link:, here you will get a site where you must press the option “Submit your site free”.

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Once this is done you will go to a new site where you must log into your Microsoft account, this action will let you enter, and you will see that a bar will appear where you must place the URL of your website, when you have done it, click on the “AddWhich is off to the side.

This in turn will take you to a section where you must fill out a form with all the information on the site, such as the sitemap, name of the organization, email, web traffic, among others.

Fill it all up and hit “Keep”To finish, then you will have to do a property check, the easiest method for this is using an XML file which will be provided by Bing on the same web server.

Copy the file it gives you and proceed to paste it on your web page. All sites contain a section of tools to do this, you just have to find that option in yours and paste the file in the area where it says “Bing webmaster center”, Save the changes and that’s it.

yahoo logo with purple background

After it is done, you will see an interface in Bing where you can add information about the website that you occupy, so the first part of indexing my website in the Bing and Yahoo search engines will be complete.

Index in BING

With this the process is much simpler, you just have to go to the link:, and once there enter the URL of the website you want to add, then do the validation it asks for with a Captcha and press “Send”.

Finally you only have to verify the property, for this you have to perform the same steps as in Yahoo, this is because both search engines share the same platform (for money saving issues). Once this is done everything will be complete and it will have been possible index my website on the Bing and Yahoo search engines.

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Now you just have to look for how to make an elegant header with CSS for a web page and of course analyze and know the position of the keywords of your website and other websites, so that soon your site will be known.

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