How do I set up an Automatic Reply on my Personal Facebook Messenger? (Example)

It frequently happens that due to the various day-to-day occupations, users of social networks such as Facebook, are putting aside for later, responding to messages sent by clients, friends or followers. In this article we will show you how to set up an automatic reply on personal Facebook Messenger, while you get the time to return the answer personally.

In the early stages of the emergence of social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., the connection through these networks was basically from desktop computers: computers and laptops.

With the rapid advancement of technology and the introduction of smart mobile equipment: Android, iOS, among others, now social media goes where people go, and the interconnection is immediate.

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If, on the other hand, you no longer want to answer anyone or the constant messages annoy you, you have the option of leaving and leaving the chat.

People want answers

Whoever contacts you through messaging, in this case Facebook, be it a friend, a relative, close friend, client or fans, does so by looking for an answer from you. Letting time go by without responding, in addition to being a sign of rudeness, can mean losing a potential customer and a business on the doorstep.

Once you send a message you have the possibility to know if someone has read your message.

He did not respond to the moment pIt can be due to innumerable causes: the person is currently busy, in a meeting, in a particular activity that prevents them from accessing Messenger.

But it happens that the interlocutor needs to know that he is being taken into account, that his attempt to communicate is not neglected. Hence, Facebook, always looking for a way to meet this type of requirement, has created an automatic response function to be used in this type of eventuality.

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Here we will simply show you how to configure an automatic response in personal Facebook Messenger, which will get you out of this type of trouble, when a client, friend, family member or fans tries to contact you.

To be able to communicate faster, without having to be distracted is through voice notes, if you do not know how to download voice notes, learn here how to do it.

How to set up an automatic reply on personal Facebook Messenger?

Written messages or automatic responses that are sent instantly, when someone tries to contact us through Facebook messaging. They function as a first advanced response to the recipient before a message whose concern deserves to be addressed.

Steps to enable automatic replies

Step 1: The first thing to do is open Facebook and locate the fans Page that you want to configure. Step 2: Press the option «Setting» located in the upper area of ​​the page. Activate the alternative «Posts» located in the column to the left. Step 3: Activate the option «Yes», located under Answer Assistant. This option appears attached to «Send instant responses.»

Step 4: If you want to customize the message that will be offered as an automatic reply, press the option «Change». Using your keyboard you can write the appropriate message to what you want. Then you give «Keep» and voila, you have already set up an automatic reply. This is how here we show you how to configure an automatic reply in personal Facebook Messenger.

If we are tired of using this application and we want to take control of the responses ourselves or through a third party to take care of it, we must follow the following steps to disable this function.

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Steps to disable automatic replies

Step 1: Go to the option «Setting» which, as already explained, is at the top of the page. Step 2: Activate the option «Posts» located in the column to the left. Locate where it says «Answer assistant», and press activate the alternative «No» attached to the function «Send instant responses», and voila, it is deactivated.

In short, for some users it may seem trivial that here we are debating the issue of how to configure an automatic response in personal Facebook Messenger. However, details such as whether or not to activate an automatic response can make the difference between success or not.

Always remember that in the small details is the secret of success. People are grateful, even if it is a automatic reply, when he perceives that the interlocutor is interested in your concerns. Never underestimate these seemingly inconsequential options that Facebook offers you.

In addition to sending automatic replies, you can also share and send your location via Facebook Messenger, instead of typing an address.

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