How do I sign in to my Google Account when I open Chrome? (Example)

One of the most used browsers is Google Chrome, this was created by Google, it is very effective when visiting web sites, examining content or searching for anything on the net. You can even download Google Chrome Portable offline for Windows and best of all for free.

Its characteristics make it very fast when it comes to achieving good results on the web, depending on what we are looking for, it also has more 700 million users, this certifies the excellent service it provides.

We also add security, since he makes periodic lists of dubious sites on the web that could cause problems, such as identity theft among others.

Other of its advantages is the synchronization that it can do between different devices, you can access all the information you have on all your computers just by logging into your Chrome account.

In addition, when accessing web pages, if you wish, it will save your user profile and password, of course only if you authorize it to save that information. With having an account registered in Google you can have access to Chrome. Also, if you have an email in Gmail, you are already in Google.

Sometimes to enter Chrome it asks us to log in to Google, this is a bit tedious, what we want is to have a synchronization, that just by turning on the computer automatically connects and logs into my Chrome account.

Here we will explain to you how to solve these coupling problems, so as not to have to enter our emails and password every time we enter Google Chrome. We are going to mention some possible solutions.

How do I log into my Google account in Chrome?

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Here we are going to show you several suggestions or steps that you can take so that you just open Chrome have your Google account.

Check synchronization

It sometimes happens that every time we log in we have to enter our data in Google, since the browser has not saved them.

In order to always keep the synchronization on we have to do the following:

  1. After entering Chrome we locate the menu button we press it, we now come to configuration.
  2. We are looking for advanced settings.
  3. In the website configuration option we press that button, then where it says Cookies.
  4. Disable the option to keep local data only until you exit the browser. Done, the synchronization will remain active.

Make sure the session is started

It can happen that whenever we closed session, automatically after we cannot access quickly because we have to put our data again, there are two ways to change that problem.

With these suggestions we are going to keep the session active, here we give it to you:

  1. Cookies must always be activated, it sometimes happens that cookies antivirus delete them automatically.
  2. The version of Chrome should be constantly updated with the newest one available.

Other methods to log in

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These are the other methods that are available:


We must go to Chrome and restore the settings, we do this by writing this link: chrome: // settings / resetProfileSettings? Origin = userclick To then press reset settings.


We are now going to deactivate all the extensions that we have for this we access this site Chrome: // extensions /.

If you want to know which are the best useful extensions for Google Chrome, we invite you to read the previous article.


At this point we delete the original profile to create a new one, thus starting over, taking into account all the previous suggestions. What we have seen are some options that we can put into practice to solve this problem if it is our case.

Of course we have other variants that we also use if we can not solve, among those alternatives is to uninstall the browser completely from our computer. Then we reinstall it, then again we couple it with our Google account and we do the verifications to see if we have already solved the problem. Remember that this browser is free, it is also available for Android, iOS and Windows operating systems and you can update Google Chrome to the latest version from time to time.

For those who want to learn more about this web browser, in the following article we will show you how to limit the download speed in Google Chrome.

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