How do you earn Money Without Apron and what is your Business Model? (Example)

Home service Apps are a quite fruitful business model for several years now. However, its true explosion has been noticed in these hard times. For the latter is that many entrepreneurs are looking to learn from the best Apps and that is why today you will see How does SinDelantal earn money?

If you want to succeed in something, you have to follow the example of the best (this is the law of life), in that sense, if you want to build a service company that can rival the largest (such as Glovo, Rappi , Deliveroo, Uber Eats or OrdersYa), then similar strategies must be used the ones you used.

How does SinDelantal make money?

To get straight to the point and make it clear to you as soon as possible how SinDelantal makes money, you have to know that the business model they implemented was a very simple one. The one of charge commissions to the establishments that will be associated with them, but without impacting the final price of the customer’s product.

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That is, they basically made the application available to different food companies that could sell large quantities of products in SinDelantal, giving them an easy and comfortable way to market their product, without having to do almost anything

This worked perfectly for several reasons: the first of these is the fact that the commission that SinDelantal charges for being in the App is very low, since they charge a percentage for each order that is made through the application, that is, they do not ask restaurants for rent.

instant varied food

The second is the fact that in addition to practically giving a comfortable App to businesses, they also put a delivery service at your disposal, which in the event that the company does not have delivery will be in charge of making them (the fleet is trained to be the fastest of all).

Finally, they implemented a customer policy is quite effective, where make refunds in case something goes wrong and They serve the consumer 24 hours a day with a trained technical support team, which has an email, a chat in the App and a customer service telephone number. As if that were not enough, thanks to the cutting-edge technology of the App, they know at all times what the client wants (what is in fashion).

What can you learn from SinDelantal for your business?

Now that you know how SinDelantal makes money, it’s time for you to learn what things you can do to follow in his footsteps (tips), so that you can take your business to the top in no time.

The first thing is to be clear about the objective you set for yourself, and once you have it, focus your entire strategy to achieve it. Never deviate from the original plan unless necessary, because when you change your mind a lot, things don’t work out.

Second is that no need to invest large amounts of money to be successful, sometimes you just need to do things perfectly. That is, you do not have to invest millions in an App, it is better to create one of 0 but one that is so professional that it overshadows the others (quality over price).

earn money without apron

As a third tip, always innovate. Try to stay ahead of the competition at all times, you have to stay one step ahead of everyone. For this, it is necessary to be aware of trends and what the client is looking for, not what you like.

Finally, hire a reliable and effective work team. Things work out better when they are done between a few and with love, if you are starting from 0 you do not need to have thousands of people in your charge, only with a few that are good does the magic.

And voila, with everything you read, you can already say that you are a semi-expert in business and that you also answered the initial question of how does SinDelantal make money ?, so now you just need to put your knowledge into practice (download the SinDelantal App of the PlayStore for this), not only to get more information and create a good company, but also to order food at home, as it should be.

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