How Facebook Couples Works: User Opinions

Facebook Dating is one of the services provided by the Facebook platform. It is a variation of the App, in which users create an account with the main objective of get potential partners. The reason for its creation is related to the interaction between some users of the traditional social network. Those who showed love interests to each other. We show you how to activate Facebook Dating

This service is part of a project announced by Facebook, in one of his conferences in mid-2018. And he has some tools that can help you find the ideal partner.

Although it is true that Facebook Dating is somewhat similar to other virtual platforms such as Tinder, it has certain much more interesting options such as «Secret crush» which we will talk about later.

What is Facebook Couples?

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It is a very popular Facebook section these days, since it offers us to meet new people, but this time not as «Friends», if not rather, it is created with all the intention of help users to find a romantic partner as the name indicates

This section is quite interesting and also very similar to other applications with the same purpose, although the difference of this is that we do not have to download it since as we said found on Facebook And if you can’t find it, you should update the Facebook application to its latest version from the Play Store.

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How does Facebook Couples work?

Opinions about Facebook Dating they are diverse. Well, some experts assure that this kind of services are not innovative at all, noting that there were already other applications created with the same purpose, such as the aforementioned «Tinder». Which has turned out to be an excellent way to meet people.

Other users say that this has been a great idea. Since by combining the influence of one of the most used social networks worldwide such as Facebook, with a website to get couples, increases the chance of success. This is not to mention that the service is in charge of filtering profiles to offer potential options.

The truth is that Facebook Dating has been very helpful in establishing fruitful relationships between users from the same cities or regions. And even the App has been used again in areas where it is already «it had gone out of style» like the United States and the United Kingdom.

Know the opinions of Facebook Couples

As we well know, there are different types of people and this leads to obtaining different types of opinions on anything new that comes out and is put to the test, in the case of (Facebook Couples) there were no exceptions and the people were giving their multiple ideas and opinions about this new function,

Some users comment that there are quite similar applications so this does not become anything new for them, but for others it is something too positive and also very useful since it is as they say (two in one), apart from the fact that its function has fulfilled the expectations of people with a new partner but unfortunately for people who have not yet done so, they have not had a nice experience.

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Differences between Facebook Couples and Tinder

To begin with, the difference between these two is quite remarkable from the beginning because, if you are an old Facebook user you should know that you can put a lot of information about yourself there, all your life if you wanted to do it, instead. On Tinder, just put some photos and a short description of what you like to do.

As for the start of the conversation, it is also quite different, since through Tinder you only have to click (I like or dislike) in the photos of the people who are there and then make «Match», which means ( Coincide ).

Unlike (Facebook Couples), it offers as a first step to create 20 questions about your area of ​​interest and users can send messages based on the answers, depending on how the first message was, the other person has the decision to answer or notIn case of not doing so, the person concerned will no longer be able to send a message.

Another difference of these two «similar» is that Tinder users complain a lot about a greater number of false accounts, instead (Facebook Couples) forces users to be real accounts, which is quite good, in addition to this, Facebook couples also allows the user to hide in this function from their Facebook friends in case of not wanting to be recognized, and Tinder is quite exposed in this case since anyone who looks for you or is from your area could see you.

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The last most notable difference between these two is what Tinder is used for more casual encounters, that is to say, one-day appointments and so on, although hopefully something more stable can be established, but «Facebook Couples» is designed to create more stable relationships, since during the entire conversation of the first week, photos or photos cannot be sent videos so that they can get to know each other a little more thoroughly.

How to create and use a Facebook Dating account?

If you are one of those people who like to explore different options in the field of love, creating an account on Facebook Dating can be very helpful. Since you will have access to profiles of people with the same interests as you. And best of all, this service is totally free, so you won’t have to worry about making payments every so often.

To create an account on Facebook Dating you will have to enter your personal Facebook account and click on the menu «Tools». You will come across an option called «couples» marked with a heart. By clicking there you will be redirected to a section to create an account.

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It is necessary to bear in mind that to access the service you must be at least eighteen years of age. And you will also have to enter the your current location data, this is so the service can set some suggestions for you.

The rest of the items will allow you to express your tastes, feelings and everyday activities. You can also add photos, stories, and even link your Instagram account.

What is the Secret crush tool on Facebook Dating?

Facebook Dating also has a built-in tool called «Secret crush» in which you can include up to nine user profiles that you like; to be aware of all the content that these people share.

In the event that you are added by a user, the service will notify you without adding further details. If both have been added in Secret crush, the system will send a notification to stimulate a rapprochement between the two.

In general terms it can be said that Facebook Dating is an excellent alternative for those users who wish to interact with people of their same age and similar interests. In this way, users will meet new friends and partners in the future.

Based on this, it is clear that Facebook Dating is an incredible alternative for those who want to get the ideal partner. Since it also offers very good options, it is easy to use and very practical.

How to know if someone likes you on Facebook Couples

Once the «Secret Crush» function is activated we will have access to people interested in our profile, so that the person you liked in this function will receive a notification that says what (someone has an interest in him or her) and, if the person adds you to his Secret crush list means there is a match and Facebook will be in charge of notifying both of you, in this way it will be possible to know if a person likes you on Facebook couples.

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Can I block a person on Facebook Couples?

Sometimes many people feel intimidated by people in this medium, for this reason the question arises as to how to block them and Why can’t it be done directly from Facebook? We must bear in mind that although Facebook Couples are in the same Facebook application are not the same toolTherefore, to block a user it must be done directly from the Couples function and if you want to make a definitive block, you will also have to block Facebook and Messenger.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we’d like to hear from you. Do you think Facebook Dating offers good tools? Have you ever used Facebook Dating? What other options do you know similar to Facebook Dating? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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