How Freepik Earns Money With Your Business An Interesting Story!

Freepik is a website that offers quality content for graphic designers, you can find vector images, photographs, icons or PSD templates, among others. started as a search engine for free images, with the passage of time it has positioned itself as number 23, among the 100 European companies that advance the most in growth, join us and you will learn more about this company and discover how Freepik makes money with its business, it is an interesting story!


The beginnings of Freepik

Freepik is located in the city of Malaga in Spain, it began in 2011 at the hands of its founders Alejandro Sánchez Blanes, Pablo Sánchez Blanda and Joaquín Cuenca. The latter being one of the founders of Paronomio, a company acquired by Google in Spain. The meaning of freepik is interesting.

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Freepik started as a personal project of its founders, in order to help each other in their work, looking for content for their website, including free vector content on blogs. These blogs offered free content, so their way of monetizing was with advertising; but they found it difficult to find images and vectors to create their designs.

As they already had a bank of illustrations, they made the decision to add a robot that would visit blogs and detect the free content and add it to their database. When they saw the utility they decided to publish them, over time it began to have a boom among users and they saw how useful it was. resulted in profit, with a totally free product.

What began as a hobby, has now become a platform with 1.3 billion downloads of its content, especially for designers. Having an exponential growth in just 6 years, already for 2017 they registered a year-end of approximately 15 million euros.

In the beginning, freepik did scraping and added free content that was from third-party websites. At that time it would look like Google In their image search engine, they were taken to pages that to download the contents had to follow the rules of said web pages. That generated a lot of trade.

Currently you can find content such as Shutterstock. Freepik aggregates the content and sends business to Shutterstock with a trade agreement. In addition, there are contents developed by Freepik and its collaborators, which go through a control and validation. Freepik offers free content, and premium for those users who wish to subscribe to this service.

How Freepik makes money in your business

How Freepik makes money in your business is an interesting story. Yes, because all they have achieved is without foreign investment, In other words, everything that this business generates is from its own box. Something different from what is generally seen in startups.

Freepik is a sustainable self-financing business by their own abilities. The mission of its founders is not to seek outside investment. It is a business that is managed from the Malaga offices, they are not designed there; They have an art direction and an excellent work team which operates remotely and sends the contents.

search tool for graphic resources

Currently Freepik is based on three types of businesses:

  1. Possess commercial agreement with Shutterstock, commissions are originated from sales produced on the platforms.
  2. Another way they generate income is through premium subscription of archives of Freepik, allowing the absolute use of these files (By using the free files, credits are given to Freepik, as well as showing the authorship). Plus, it gives you access to exclusive premium archive content.
  3. Another form that generates income, albeit small, is the display advertising.

Freepik in recent years has gone from being a company that depends on Shutterstock to generating its own business and being a self-sufficient company. This company is constantly growing, demonstrating its business potential, offering quality content for its clients. Tell us your opinion about this article and share this information with family and friends.

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