How is it and how to sign up for the Spotify Premium Duo plan for couples. What are the advantages?

Hundreds of thousands are the ways in which people can achieve the aforementioned: drawing, series, movies, reading, exercises, yoga, running, sports, video games, and of course, could not miss: the music. And within the favorite platforms, which are now suitable in incredible plans for couples, we could not fail to mention, the Spotify Premium Duo plan.

Entertainment is a crucial element in people’s daily lives, since it is a time of day, a space, something that generates tranquility, reduces stress levels, relaxes and performs better from an academic and work point of view.

Reigning piracy

Making music or listening to music, both are positioned as the main means that people use to relax, enjoy and face, in a better way, the adversities that the rest of the day may present.

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Technology has allowed easier access to platforms or programs that help you enjoy your favorite artists. However, previously, that was not necessarily a good thing, as piracy rates became extremely alarming in the arts community.

Spotify, a different way to listen to music

But from the year 2006, things would begin to change a bit, thanks to the launch of the Spotify platform. Through this Swedish platform you will not only get a huge number of artists, but you also have a series of podcasts to enjoy.

Spotify a different way to listen to music

Why use Spotify?

In addition to having a truly broad community of artists, Spotify has at your disposal two versions for you: one free version, with which you can listen to your favorite artists via streaming. Of course, there will be unavoidable publicity involved.

If that is annoying, you have the Premium version, with which, you have the possibility of downloading your favorite songs or albums to enjoy them in a way offline, it eliminates the advertising between tracks and offers you better audio quality.

Wherever you want, whenever you want

During work, while doing your chores, bathing, studying or cooking. You can access the functions of Spotify from any device, since it has an incredible cross-platform feature so that you can enjoy it through its website, through your Android or iOS device, and on computers with different operating systems.

Diversity of plans

At first, you would think that Spotify is designed so that its users can enjoy the platform individually … nothing is further from the truth.

Due to the resounding success of this application, the company has been commissioned to design different types of plans so you can share music with your family and friends using their smartphones.

A look at the Spotify Premium Duo plan

Your partner, family member or friend … when two people have similar musical tastes, it is more enjoyable. That said, if it applies to you and someone else’s, they should start to try the benefits offered by the Premium Duo plan.

Spotify Premium Duo plan

  • The plan consists of two accounts that are absolutely independent of each other.
  • Both accounts can be linked through the Duo Mix function, a playlist that is structured based on what both accounts listen to.
  • They can enjoy extraordinary discounts on the payment of the plan.
  • If you already had an individual Premium account, don’t worry, you will keep all the information stored without problems when you switch to Premium Duo.
  • Is he perfect midpoint between the individual plan (since you won’t have to lend your Premium account) and the family plan (because the price difference between one and the other was exorbitant).

Romantic curiosities

Hiring the Spotify Premium Duo service is very easy, you simply have to enter the page to complete the registration process, define who will manage the account (because it will be that person who receives the invoice), who, in addition, will be the person in charge of send the invitation to include the other member.

Join the Spotify Premium Duo plan!

There are plenty of reasons to contract any of the plans offered by this extraordinary platform to enjoy, not only your favorite music, but many other podcasts available for your entertainment. Cheer up! Spotify waits for you so that its user community continues to grow.

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