How is the New Google Translate Translator used and Works? (Example)

At some point in our life we ​​have required a tool to help us understand the meaning of words written in another language. For example, we remember when we were studying and had a bilingual dictionary on hand to do our homework. Today the new Google translate translator makes life easy for us.

One of the most practical tools that Google puts at our disposal is its translator. Currently, it presents quite interesting improvements. How is the Google Translate translator used and works? We want to explain it to you here in this post. Join us and you will see how many utilities does this valuable tool contain.

Google Translate on computers

We find it easily with our search engine and when we open it we will see a fairly simple, understandable and easy-to-use interface. At the top left you will find two options: «Text» and «Documents». For the first, we can perform direct translations of up to 5000 words, while the second is designed to translate documents in various types of format.

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Google Translate on pc

If we press documents, we can select a file located on the computer, the translator will add it and we click the «Translate» button on the right side. We will be shown the fully translated document in the language we have chosen. Keep in mind that the translations are not one hundred percent accurate, but they do serve as a great guide.

On the left side of the Google Translate translation area we put the language we want to translate from. It is noteworthy that you have the option to detect it on your own.

Here we write down the words, copy and paste from another site; But we can also activate the microphone icon so that the application inserts the words by voice input and thus listens to the voice of the translator. On this side, we will place another icon next to the microphone that allows us to listen to the texts.

On the right side we place the final language of the translation and we are shown the final result of the word or words in question. On this side we can listen to the pronunciation of the translated words, copy and paste it elsewhere, suggest changes and even share it via email or Twitter. Another option it gives us is to highlight the translation, for this we press the star icon.

Other noteworthy points is that when entering the words to be transferred, a tab is displayed that offers definitions, synonyms and other information about it in both languages. Google Translate contains a database for the translation of more than one hundred languages known.

Translator on mobile devices

We can access the translator using the browser or downloading the App located in Google Play or App Store. The options offered by the application are quite practical since with it we can translate the same languages ​​that are on the web. In the same way, we write down the input and output languages ​​and write or assign by voice the words to be translated.

text translated with Google Translate on mobile

The Google Translate application also has a system that allows us to use the camera to focus on a text and superimpose the translation on the image itself. Is able to detect words using the camera’s scanner and it will translate them by running your finger over it.

A great option is the one it gives us by pressing «Conversation». We select the input and output languages ​​and we can have conversations with other people as it translates and reads the words it hears.

It also has the «Touch to translate» function, currently available for Android, which allows us to copy and paste texts to translate them. We can transfer them from any courier, we stick them and touch the bubble that is superimposed, we click on it and that’s it! Translated words.

Have the new translator of Google translate it gives us good reasons to be happy. We have shown you how to use it and the functions that this tool brings with it. Leave us your opinion of what you think of this information using the comment box that you will find below.

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