How long does PayPal take to receive the balance of your bank account?

PayPal It is a very secure payment method and even watches over you when making purchases online. Now, it is best to pay with PayPal directly from your bank account or debit card, but if you want to have a balance in your PayPal account, this transfer will take a little longer.

if you try add funds from your bank account to PayPal In the past, it took 14 to 16 business days, but… how long does it really take to add these funds? Nowadays, to send a balance to your PayPal account, you only have to make a SEPA transfer from your bank account and these transfers take less and less.

How long will it take to receive the balance of a PayPal transfer?

Normally it is not necessary to make these transfers but if for any reason you have to adjust balance of your PayPal account due to a technical failure (that you do not have the money in the account at the time of the transfer or that it fails) you will have to resort to this method totally gratuitous.

I have been using PayPal for a while and I must say that these take time to complete a average 1 to 2 days or something else (if we add the weekends). So don’t worry if the balance doesn’t arrive in the time they specify. It is the time it normally takes, only that the web talks about working days and not calendar days. Now, if you make an instant transfer from accounts like Revolut or N26, for example, this balance can be received almost instantly.

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Remember that this figure is designed for Spain, in other countries transfers to PayPal, especially if they are international, can take much longer. We hope we have helped you with this topic.

PayPal is a very safe which should be trusted. This is just a piece of information as a curiosity since there are people who can become uneasy if the funds do not arrive. If you don’t know how PayPal works, just click here.


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