How Long Should I Leave Charging My New Tablet – First Charge

If you have wondered how long does it take to charging a new tablet for the first time? Either because you recently acquired one or because you are curious. Here we will tell you everything you need to know about this topic, so that you make the most of your Tablet’s battery.

When buying a new device, in this case a Tablet. The question always arises if we should let it fully charge and if it is necessary to leave many connected. Currently there is a wide variety of models, but most already incorporate a fast charger. With which you will not have to wait many hours to use your device again.

For how long should we charge our Tablet for the first time?

When we buy a new device, it usually always needs to be charged in order to use it. Because they almost always come flat or with a very low battery. In the case of modern Tablets, They bring a lithium cell as a battery, similar to that of current telephones.

This technology is extremely innovative, because it does not have the limitations that existed with previous versions. Being able to be used for much longer, here you will not have to worry about giving it special attention when charging, and you will only have to be aware of when it is already charged to avoid overloading it.

Everything will depend on the model you have, but in case you are not very clear about this, you can charge it for at least 5 hours the first time, after that you can use it without problems. After this time you must turn on your device and start using it normally.

time takes to charge new tablet

If for some reason, you find that the battery lasts very little, you can recharge it for a few more hours. If this is prolonged, the battery may be broken or it has come with a factory defect, for this you can check the condition or the charge cycles of your battery, to make sure of this problem.

How do I know when my Tablet has reached 90% charge?

If your device is new, most likely do not mark the percentage of the battery, so it can be difficult to deduce how much you need to disconnect.

This is something that is solved in a simple way, and you will only have to make a few configurations to your device. As a first step you must go to the settings menu. This applies to any type of Tablet, from here you can use search bar to minimize effort.

You will only have to write the word ‘battery’, by doing so you will see that you will get the direct access that takes you to the information about it. You must tap on it and then look for a section that says ‘show percentage’.

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What we are in the battery menuBy activating this option we will see in number how much our battery has left. This is all we have to configure, once this is done we will have no problem knowing when to disconnect our Tablet from the power.

Facts or myths about charging your tablet

When you launch a tablet, it is responsible for downloading it completely: This is totally false, experts say that a battery works better when it is between 60% and 80%. Another of the most common myths is not to use the device while it is charging, this is also totally false since there is no study that determines that this accelerates the deterioration of the battery is more accelerated.

charging tablet for the first time

Another is that do not leave your tablet connected when it is fully charged, and that this is totally true since extreme temperatures are the number one enemy of batteries. It is recommended that at the time of reaching the maximum it be disconnected immediately.

Is it bad to leave it charging overnight?

The truth is thati, this can cause the battery of our tablet to overheat and cause much greater damage to our device. This, in addition to ensuring the full operation of the battery, allows you to have a safe night next to our devices. That is why always take the necessary precautions when charging your tablet.

Are generic chargers bad?

Usually eIt is recommended to use the original charger of the device. However, you have to be very careful with these generic chargers, since sometimes they usually have a higher amount of volts than required. That is why you should always verify that this amount is the same, if this happens you can use it without any problem.

Does it charge faster by connecting it to the PC?

Yes, but this only happens when we use a USB 3.0 cable. However, this depends on factors such as the capacity of the PC. It should be noted that this special cable offers a total of 900 mA, while a common of 500 mA. This means that it depends directly on the type of cable and port that the computer contains.

How to extend the life of my tablet?

When charging our device it is important to take into account several factors. On the one hand we have the time to leave it charging, depending on which charger you use, it will be more or less time. The important thing in these cases is to ensure that do not go over 90% when charging.

What it does is help prevent the battery from exceeding its charge limits and causing device errors. An overcharged battery is so bad as a fully discharged one. If we take this into account, we can considerably increase the useful life of our terminal.

Another factor is whether or not we use generic chargers, since these do not have a certification, we cannot be sure if it does its job correctly. In these cases it is better to buy an original charger of the brand that we are using. In addition, if we usually charge our cell phone at night, an original charger can give us much more confidence that our Tablet will not be damaged.

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Using non-recommended chargers can lead to device errors. Depending on the brand, some usually show an error message and others may not charge the battery directly. This is implemented to prevent the device suffers some kind of damage, for being exposed to voltages that are not adequate.

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