How many GB do you need on mobile if you are addicted to Netflix?

Many people wonder how much data they need in their mobile plan, but answering this question is not always easy. Today, however, we would like to answer this question for a large number of users in particular, those who are addicted to streaming movies or series services such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, etc. That is, those who spend all day watching videos on the Internet. As you know, watching videos is one of the activities that uses the most data on your phone and the truth is that this data is not easy to obtain, nor to pay for.

A good mobile rate not only needs to have a lot of data but it must also have good coverage, good conditions, no permanence, etc. So… how much data do you need? Well, there are two variants. If you have a good fiber + mobile rate at home, everything will depend on the time you use Netflix away from home, but if you are one of those who does not have Internet at home, solving this will take a little more time.

How to calculate the GB you need in your mobile rate?

addicted to netflix

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To solve this question for yourself you just need to know, at least approximately, how many GB are spent by Netflix series and movies or services of this type. That will help you calculate, knowing the hours of streaming content you watch per month, how many GB you need to be able to meet that high demand. To that you will have to add a few more GB if you are addicted to other social networks such as Instagram or Facebook that also consume a lot of data. Moreover, some mobile rates already offer unlimited GB but the truth is that they are quite expensive and many users do not want to pay for them, since the most famous ones have a limit of 400 GB and even a speed limit that does not allow to see content in the quality that many would like (Full HD).

How many GB do Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime series and movies consume?

We are going to make a small guide so you can calculate this quickly:

  • Netflix
    • In low quality: 0.3 GB per hour.
    • In medium quality (SD): 0.7 GB per hour.
    • In high quality (HD): up to 3 GB per hour.
    • In 4K quality: up to 7 GB per hour.
  • Amazon Prime Video:
    • In low quality: 0.27 GB per hour.
    • In medium quality (SD): 0.9 GB per hour.
    • In high quality (HD): up to 2 GB per hour.
    • In 4K quality: up to 5.8 GB per hour.
  • HBO:
    • Approximately: 1 GB per hour.

As you can see, not much is actually known about HBO, but what we do know is that watching episodes in HD quality can lead to a consumption of between 2 and 3 GB per hour, so if you watch just one episode a day in HD, you’ll need , at least, about 60 GB per month. It may seem like a lot but the truth is that there are many rates of 30, 60 and even 90 GB at good prices. You just have to find the right operator.

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