How Much Data or Megas Does Spotify Premium Consume Listening to Music from Mobile?

You may wonder what is Spotify and how is this platform used, we will give you a brief explanation of this music streaming service and also how many data or megabytes does Spotify Premium consume when listening to music from your mobile.

Spotify is an application created for listen to the music of your favorite artistsAs long as you have the App downloaded, this application will accompany you wherever you go.

Also, if in the place where you are and you do not have a WiFi service, you will be using your data or megabytes of your plan. It should be noted that there is a free version of Spotify Premium.

Spotify Premium free you can use it without time limits in their songs in a certain test time that Spotify gives you. If you liked this service in the free or trial version, look for your Master Card, visa among others and choose the plan that best suits you.

How much data does it consume to listen to music on Spotify Premium from your mobile?

Many of the Spotify users will not know that the data consumption equals the quality of the sound chosen by the user. Usually the Spotify application what it does is adapt to the amount of data or signal you have at the time of use.

In the Spotify settings you can choose what type of sound we want to hear. Spotify has normal, high and extreme quality. Normal quality consumes 40mb per hour, high quality consumes 70mb and extreme quality consumes 150mb.

data or megabytes consumed by spotify premium listening to music

If you are not in an area with Wi-Fi, I recommend you for no reason choose extreme sound quality, as you will see, you will consume a lot of data that you can use for something else. Be careful and always check your sound quality at the Spotify settings.

Spotify has excellent plans that they will cover all your needs And in this way you do not consume your money in an exaggerated way but moderately, which is what every user is looking for.

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What does Spotify Premium offer us?

In Spotify there is a synchronization between devices for the greater convenience of users. Every day Spotify adds extras with a creativity in its App. Spotify performs exclusives with artists and special videos showing up on the recommended list or on the hit list.

With Spotify you can make folders from your playlist, you can also customize cover list. For those people who like to have their music in order, this is the right application to use.

Also Spotify is compatible with Alexa, that is, with smart speakers, so you can use it whenever you want. In this application you can get all the artists you know and locate the top ten of their songs. Spotify is available for Windows, Mac, Android, Samart tvs, Roku, among others.

Spotify Premium does not present ads, you play in the order you want everywhere. In music quality low (24kbits), normal (96kbits), high (160kbits) and super high (320kbits).

What are the Plans that Spotify Premium has?

It is important to know what the Spotify Premium subscription offers me, the different accounts and prices that it offers you and thus in this way choose the one that best suits your pocket. Spotify has the following plans:

listening to music from the mobile on spotify premium

The individual plan is the cheapest of all and if you live alone it is the ideal one for you. It includes listen to music without ads, play your songs anywhere. And an on-demand playback.

For the duo plan take it a month by paying two bills, perfect for a couple of friends, the plan includes listening to music without ads, play your songs anywhere, even offline, on-demand playback and a duo mix of a daily playlist made just for two.

The family plan It was created for the comfort of a family that resides in the same address paying 6 comfortable installments per month. Your children won’t fight at home anymore. It also includes listening to music without ads, plays your songs anywhere, even offline, and on-demand playback.

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Finally, Spotify has created the plan for university students with a 50% discount for students enrolled in a university or institution of higher education. Spotify is designed for the enjoyment of all ages.

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