How Much Does It Cost to Build a Two Story House in Mexico? – Find out the Answer here

There are certainly many things to think about before building a house. And the main one is in what model of house we want.

You would like to build a big house because you have one large family Or you just like wide spaces but you don’t have a large enough land, you like to receive visitors in your house but you don’t like them to invade your privacy by entering your rooms, you would like a house where drafts enter and shows a ventilated facade and eye-catching.

If all that is what you would like when building your house, your perfect house it is a two story. Next we will teach you everything so that you can make the right decision when choosing, and take into account the important factors that you should think about when building your two-story house.

Why is building a two-story house better than building a one-story?

When we imagine having a house, we always do it thinking that it is large, spacious, where all our things and more can fit and still enjoy a lot of privacy, especially if we carry out activities to earn money working on our own from home, but many times we are limited by the size of the land we have to build our future home.

facade of a two-story house

Evidently this not a problem for a two story houseIt is clear that the area of ​​the second floor, when going on top of the first, will occupy the same space on the ground and it is practically like having double space in the same occupation area. Something like a two for one. So if the land is not big enough it will not be a problem to build your spacious house.

By having a two-story house we enjoy a lot of privacy, generally in these models the rooms are in the upper area and the kitchen, living room, and other busier areas are on the first floor. We should not worry because someone easily access our rooms.

In addition, we will enjoy a better view both from inside the house to the outside, and from the outside, since being taller, we can create a better and more striking facade that will have a greater visual impact than one story houses.

Other benefits of two-story houses is that they have better ventilation and being higher and they are cheaper per square meter.

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What does it take to build a two-story house?

When choosing to build a two-story house we must take into account several factors in addition to the economic availability and construction materials.

Mainly we must evaluate the land that we plan to use for this, it is of the utmost importance that it provides a solid foundation to avoid problems in the short or long term.

Another important factor is that you must design the plans of your future home in a way that suits your needs, as it will not do any good to have a spacious and not take good advantage of it.

These issues should be clarified with the architect in charge of doing the calculations and these save them in an Excel pivot table for personal use.

Try to get good quality materials and where possible they are natural and regional. Do not forget that when building a two-story house, the exterior spaces are also an important part of it. You must implement the same security system on the second floor as on the first.

hands sticking red bricks with cement

The price of building a two-story house in Mexico

To calculate the construction expenses of a two-story house in Mexico, we must add the expenses of the materials, plus the construction system, plus the labor and facilities. And of course the architect. Although there are companies that offer all these services together as a project with the architect.

Generally, in Mexico, prices are calculated by square meters of construction, which is the space that the house will have. We must also take into account what type of construction we want, if an economic one, a medium interest or a luxury one.

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In the same way, whichever you choose you can make it to your liking together with the architect who will be in charge of drawing up the plans and spreadsheets for the project.

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